Camp Report: Wednesday

Darrell Green missed his first practice of camp. Marvin Lewis singles out one of the biggest surprises in camp and someone tossed a visor today. Hint: it wasn't the coach.

. . . Left tackle Rod Jones still hasn't impressed with his footwork. He couldn't catch up to rookie end Ladairis Jackson. Kipp Vickers also worked at left tackle. Hurry back, Chris Samuels. By the way, the swelling in his ankle subsided and Samuels is optimistic about his return for the season opener.

. . . Speaking of Jackson, he's won over the offensive line. Jon Jansen likes him, saying he could be a solid third-down rusher. And his opinion didn't change when asked about him off the record, either. But Jackson has a ways to go to help agains the run and in the end that could limit his time.

But defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis was quick to name Jackson when asked about longshots who have made a strong impression.

. . . Corner Darrell Green underwent an MRI on his right shoulder, missing the afternoon practice. The initial diagnosis is tendinitis, but he said it feels like a pinched nerve. The Redskins are still ''investigating'' the situation. Until they know what it is, Green will sit out practice.

. . . Redskins fullback Rock Cartwright to tight end Walter Rasby, after the latter made a catch in the end zone, spiked the ball and gave out high-fives: ''Hey, Ras. You Old man!''

. . . Maury Povich, a golfing buddy of Steve Spurrier's, attended the afternoon practice session.

. . . Spurrier hasn't tossed his visor, but his son has. Steve Jr., with a smile on his face, tossed it to the ground after Darnerien McCants ran the wrong route on a play. Spurrier Jr., is a smart and enthusiastic coach.

. . . What a difference in philosophies: Spurrier barely takes part in special teams workouts, unlike Marty Schottenheimer, who paid attention to everything, from alignment to where a player's eyes were looking. Spurrier watches from the side, letting his coaches coach. Last week he chatted with reporters for 15 minutes during one of these sessions. Which one is better? Who knows. But it's different.

. . . Offensive line coach Kim Helton to guard Akil Smith, after he failed to complete a block: ''Don't run and leave him! Don't run and leave him!''

. . . Things the Redskins like to see: end Bruce Smith rushing past Reggie Coleman and tipping away a pass.

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