Camp Report: Thursday

Lightning danced around the sky, chasing the players indoors and the spectators out of the stands. But the Redskins were intent on getting their work finished. So they waited out the 20-minute storm and returned to the field. So much for Steve Spurrier being a softie. The man wanted to practice and that's what they did. But today is the final day of work in Carlisle--the practice is closed to the public and the media. And the players are ready to return.

''We're ready to go to D.C.,'' corner Fred Smoot said. ''Let's get going. I'm tired of the preseason.''

''I love Carlisle,'' linebacker LaVar Arrington said. ''But there's nothing like home.''

. . . No official word on whether or not the Redskins will return to Carlisle. But one team official told us it remains doubtful. The Redskins can exercise an out clause in November.

. . . Corner Darrell Green had another MRI, this one on his cervical spine. It showed no damage and he's been cleared to return. But it's uncertain whether he'll play Sunday against Pittsburgh.

. . . Defensive tackle Daryl Gardener won't play as doctors want to see his back have a better range of motion before clearing him. There's nothing wrong other than the spasms. But his back will be a season-long problem.

. . . The problems of the Ball coach. ''They took my dang treadmill. What am I going to do, walk around the field?''

. . . One offensive lineman told me that Rod Jones doesn't have slow feet. Rather, he explained, he sometimes gets into his drop too quickly and takes a poor angle, enabling ends to speed around him. Whatever the explanation, Jones is too often getting beat. He's a good guy and a hard worker, but that's the bottom line. We'll see what happens in the games.

. . . The Redskins used a different three-man line this afternoon: Bruce Smith at right end, Renaldo Wynn at nose tackle and Ladairis Jackson at left end. That's a lot of pass-rushing speed. I'm anxious to see Wynn rush from the inside.

. . . Carl Powell lined up at right tackle with the first unit today. Powell should help if for no other reason than he can play two positions. In the salary cap era, that's a big deal.

. . . Redskins defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis isn't afraid to bark at his players. Today his target was tackle Donovan Arp. ''Hit and go! Don't stay locked up with your shoulder pads! Get out of there!''

. . . The last thing players want to do after practice is run sprints. Some like it a lot less than others. Take Dan Wilkinson. We've written in the past about how often he finishes last in these sprints. Today was a new slow: Wilkinson finished a good eight seconds after the other linemen, protesting that they were even running them.

Meanwhile, Jon Jansen finished first among all linemen and linebackers LaVar Arrington and Eddie Mason ran with their shoulder pads and helmets on, despite being allowed to take them off.

. . . Receiver Chris Doering made another one-handed grab today. Seems like a common occurence.

. . . When Arrington headed out to practice after the lightning delay, he said to no one in particular, ''I don't know what we're about to accomplish.''

. . . Rookie quarterback Patrick Ramsey had another tough day. His passes too often are easily deflected or intercepted. Sam Shade knocked one down today and Chandler Smith nearly intercepted another, but dropped it. So much for being ready to play as a rookie. Ramsey still has a long ways to go.

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