Campbell: What They're Saying

Many of the Redskins players we talked to about the change at quarterback were surprised and supportive.

Chris Cooley: ‘'As far as the quarterback position, everyone feels like Mark is playing well. A lot of people don't understand what really goes on with our offense and why things happen and the blame always goes to the quarterback. We'll see what happens… Everyone deserves the blame.''

Santana Moss: ‘'I guess it's time. Sooner or later, man, you never knew when it would be his time, but he would get his chance. Now he has the chance. ‘'

Randy Thomas: ‘'It [caught me] off guard. But it was a positive move as far as this guy has worked so hard and we know his potential and it will be exciting to see him go out there. We'll fight our butts off to protect him.''

Thomas: ‘'I'm not a quarterback coach and I don't know technique, but I know he has a nice arm. But he's just a great person. He has a sense of humor. I think he's full of energy. And he'll be ready to get on the field and show it.''

Carlos Rogers: ‘'He was drafted high for a reason. I'm glad to see him have the opportunity to play. I hate for someone to be sat down like Mark, but Jason is the future quarterback.''

Phillip Daniels: ‘'Sometimes it can help the whole team. Jason's a guy that we definitely look forward to doing good things for us. He's a guy that everybody wants in there. He's got his chance; we'll see how we'll do.''

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