Portis to IR, Season Over

What was shaping up as a season to forget for Clinton Portis has now ended after nine games.

Redskins running back Clinton Portis is done for the season.

Portis was placed on injured reserve, thanks to a broken hand and the Redskins' desire for him to have shoulder surgery. Portis had three screws inserted in his right hand on Monday and will undergo shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in a few weeks.

The move allows him to get an earlier start on the rehabilitation process, which is expected to take four to five months.

Portis said, ''They want me to get fully healthy, recover, go out and get everything fixed that is wrong. I understand the decision.'' 

Portis had four injuries this season, starting in the preseason with his shoulder injury, which he re-injured in the season opener. He also suffered a mild ankle sprain.

"If it would have happened in earlier years I probably would have been frustrated and upset,'' Portis said, ''wondering why and questioning this and that. I know my responsibilities. I am older, much wiser, much more mature and understand the business of the game. I had four great years as a running back with no injuries and only being banged up with nothing major.

''I didn't miss many games, was on the field and played at a level that most people don't play at. It is only a matter of time before that catches up with any running back. Fortunately for me it is minor things that can be repaired and won't linger into next season that I can recover from. It could have been a knee or something major. I could have broken my neck when they twisted my whole body around. It could have been worse. I just look at the positive side of it.''

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