Behind Enemy Lines: John Fox

Fox talked about Jason Campbell and the Redskins' defense.

Q: Is your team hitting its stride?
A: "I don't know about a stride but I think we are making some headway. Maybe it is a step. We have been able to string a couple of wins together and now we have a very tough test on the road against Washington this week."

Q: What changed last week that you had so much success on the ground?
A: "Every week we stress to our team to improve and to get better. We had some injuries early on to our offensive line. We picked up the young man starting at right tackle that wasn't even in camp with us. We have a new center. Our starting center got hurt in the first game. We lost our left tackle for the season in the very first game. Just continuity is probably the biggest reason."

Q: How is the health of your running backs?
A: "We were without DeAngelo (William). We have DeShaun nicked up this week. He did not practice today. We will take a look at that tomorrow. We were without DeAngelo for about four weeks. He has come back the last couple of weeks and I have seen him improve each week."

Q: Are you surprised by where Washington's defense ranks?
A: "I am a little bit but I know Gregg (Williams) is an outstanding
coach. There are enough players there. Sometimes you just get into a funk. I am sure those guys have a lot of pride and are going to rally. We are expecting a tough contest."

Q: What about the seven sacks against St. Louis?
A: "It was a good team defense effort. There were times when I thought our rush was exceptional. It may have covered up some of the coverage deficiencies and then vice versa. I thought our coverage was good and gave time for our line to get there. I thought it was as good of a team defensive game that we have had to this date."

Q: What have you done in the past when your defense has struggled?
A: "You can't change too much because you spend all of that time in training camp and you have instilled what your packages will be for the year. It is one of those things in coaching that not every week is real easy. You just do your best to take on the personality of the opponent coming and take away what they do best. I am sure that is what Gregg is doing as we

Q: What do you think of Jason Campbell?
A: "He is a guy that we evaluated through the draft process during my tenure here. He is a guy that we liked. He is tall with a strong arm and is a good athlete. He is bright young man that we thought was a good prospect coming into the league. He had time to learn the offense and see how things are done in pro football. I thought he stepped in and did a very good job last week."

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