Big night for Arrington

Linebacker LaVar Arrington's 15-year-old cousin, Joseph, who is battling cancer, attended Sunday's game. Which is why Arrington played with more emotion than is typical for a preseason game.

''He's a true hero, not me,'' Arrington said. ''It's emotional for me to see him light up and to know what he's gone through the last few weeks. It means a lot to me that he's healthy enough to make it down. I felt a little pumped up. I was moving at more of a regular-season pace tonight. I wanted him to see that I was out there dedicating this to him.''

Arrington drilled quarterback Kordell Stewart, knocking him from the game in the first quarter. Two plays later he nailed quarterback Charlie Batch on second-and-14 for a four-yard gain. As the crowd roared, Arrington put both hands to his ears, pleading for more noise.

''I put a little extra in the tank tonight,'' Arrington said. ''[Joseph] will probably miss the season because of therapy so I'm glad I could do something for him. I wouldn't be afraid to cry now because I'm proud of him.''

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