They said what?

As usual a lot was said after last night's win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Redskins went on to win the game 35-34. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.


Redskins coach Steve Spurrier: ''The crowd could have booed our butts out of the tunnel at halftime. But they stayed with us and the players finally rewarded them.''

Spurrier: ''Everyone makes a big deal out of not doing much against their starters. Bu we didn't have our starters out there at the end. But some of them maybe should be starting. We're starting to recognize that.''

Spurrier: ''I was really proud of Derrius Thompson and Darnerien McCants and Chris Doering and the second offensive line. They protected well in the third and fourth quarters and Chris caught everything that came his way. He's a reliable guy. Derrius had a big-time game. There's a good chance Derrius could start [against Tampa Bay].''

Spurrier: ''A couple of guys were laughing and giggling on the sidelines. I don't like that. I hope they don't do this again.''

Spurrier on QB Patrick Ramsey: ''If we had stayed 20 points behind with seven or eight minutes left yeah he would have swept it up.''

WR Derrius Thompson on possibly starting: ''I won't sleep all week. I'm excited to show what I can do against guys who are starters.''

CB Fred Smoot on a pass interference call against him in the end zone: ''Either the ref is blind or he has cataracts because he shoved off on me.''

Pittsburgh S Lee Flowers on Steve Spurrier's offense: ''I don't think it's going to work in this league. They never moved past the 50-yard line unless we allowed them. I have seen better offenses in my eight-year career and everyone saw the first half and that is what we are going off of.''

LB LaVar Arrington: ''As long  as we take the strides to continue to be a great team, I think we'll go as far as we work for. As long as we're working hard and we want to have a winning season, this team has the talent to do so and we're going to keep working for that.''

QB Danny Wuerffel on his performance: ''It was frustrating. The point is to move the ball and the couple series I was in there were frustrating. We just didn't get it going.''

QB Sage Rosenfels: ''You can't get behind 24-0 in the regular season. Teams rarely come back from that, but at least we kept on fighting. Winning is better than losing.''

CB Champ Bailey on Plaxico Burress: ''I don't care about him. Talk to me about someone who has done something.''

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