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Redskins coach Steve Spurrier chided a reporter a week ago for writing who the Redskins' starting receivers are. Spurrier's contention: I don't even know who the starting receivers are, how can you? Now we know why.

For most of the past three months Rod Gardner, Jacquez Green and Kevin Lockett  worked with the first unit. But two of those might not end up as a starter. And Green appears to be fading in the coach's eye.

We hear that Reidel Anthony is out and that Green is on shaky ground based on his performance the past few weeks. We're not sure how much trouble Green is actually in, but we know that he must play better if he wants to not only make the roster but start.

Derrius Thompson and Chris Doering have moved ahead of him, at least for this week. Thompson will start and Doering will be the No. 3 receiver, which might as well be a starter under Spurrier.

Green has the most speed at receiver and is comfortable in this offense. But he hasn't made the big plays Spurrier wants to see. Green would be a valuable player to stretch the defense. And he still might be. But it's not the given everyone thinks it is.

As for Anthony, he has consistently been behind at least five other receivers. The only way he makes the team is if Washington keeps seven wideouts and that's highly unlikely. Even then he might be in trouble.

Anthony has dropped too many passes while Doering, Thompson and Darnerien McCants have shown more potential. Rod Gardner played much better against Pittsburgh.

In the end, we think Green will make the team. But his roster spot will be tougher to earn than we would have thought a month ago.

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