Betts Signs Extension

Ladell Betts has come on strong in his role as Clinton Portis' backup and, for the past month, as the starter in Portis' absence. The Redskins rewarded him today with a contract extension.

Ladell Betts could have opted to test free agency, knowing a chance to start fulltime elsewhere awaited him.

But he chose to stay in Washington. Betts signed an extension with the Washington Redskins this morning.

‘'[Free agency] is always tempting,'' he said, ‘'and from a competitive standpoint everyone wants to be the man at their position. That's something I had to weigh and I had to weigh what I wanted to accomplish in this league. I'm happy with my decision.''

Betts said coaches have told him he'd have a big role in the offense next year, even with a healthy Clinton Portis back.

‘'As the year played along, it became more evident that we do need two tailbacks,'' Betts said. ''Most teams have more than one to carry the load. …We have one of the best one-two combinations in the NFL when he's playing. This gives us a great chance to win.''

Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said of Betts, ‘'Everything we've asked him to do, he's done. He and Clinton are an excellent tandem. He's our kind of guy.''

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