Behind Enemy Lines: Brian Westbrook

The local guy (DeMatha High School) talks about playing in front of his hometown fans and life without Donovan McNabb.

Q: How big was the Carolina win?
A: "It was a huge win. We have a tough stretch to go these last four games that we have to try and win. Just to get that win against a good football team was big for our team."

Q: Are the Redskins a dangerous team because they're in a spoiler's role?
A: "They are a very dangerous team. They are a very good football team. In the role that they are in right now where they can spoil things for other team allows them to play with reckless abandon. They can just go out and play football. They don't have too many cares. For us, a team that is trying to get in the playoffs and have to win these last four games to get into the playoffs, we have to come out sharp and protect against that."

Q: How is the offense different without Donovan McNabb?
A: "I think the offense has evolved to us running the ball a little more. With Donovan here we were going to throw the ball because he is a very valuable quarterback and is able to do those things as far as throwing the ball very well. We have started to run the ball a little more. Jeff (Garcia) has been a very consistent leader while he has been in there. We are going to use Jeff's arm to his strength and also run the ball."

Q: How difficult is it for teams not in the playoffs to keep playing at this point in the season?
A: "It is tough. We were in that position last year where we were most likely out of the playoffs. It is very tough. The reality is that everyone on the team is a professional and you are fighting for a job next year on this team as well as other teams. You have to go out there and be a professional. I know those guys down there are professionals and will take care of business."

Q: What has kept the team going with Donovan out?
A: "We are not quitters. We all have pride in our work. We have always believed, whether it is Donovan or any other player on this team, that if one guy goes out then the next guy has to step in and do a great job. Jeff (Garcia) has stepped in and done a great job while he has had the opportunities. Everybody else has stepped up their play a little bit more and tried to contribute to filling the void that Donovan has left."

Q: How are you adjusting now that the team is taking a more run-first approach than earlier this season?
A: "I don't adjust at all. I was hoping we would run the ball a lot more during this season. We ran the ball a decent amount. I still think we should have ran it more earlier in the season. I still prepare the same way. I watch all the run tapes, how the defense has done against the run and I just go back and review and get ready for the football game."

Q: Can you be a 20-25 carry guy?
A: "These last couple of weeks I have been that type of guy. This team at some point in the season called for that. When I am called upon to do that, I can definitely fill that role."

Q: Does it mean something to you to come back and play in front of hometown fans in Washington?
A: "It does. A lot of my friends go and watch the games. It is always fun to get down there and play at the Redskins stadium. They always have a very good team down there and they play well in Washington. It is always a challenge. We have to come out and play our best game. For me there is more incentive to play my best game because I grew up down in that area."

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