Ten Spot Review: INT's Do Skins In

The Ten Spot Review: The Redskins' saw a great game by Ladell Betts go to waste due to a couple of interceptions and a spotty defensive effort.

1. Will Brandon Lloyd start? No, he didn't. And, as we asked the other day, did anyone notice? Lloyd caught a 40-yard pass on Antwaan Randle El's toss, but that was set up by the play call and not any move that Lloyd made. Otherwise, Lloyd was invisible -- again. I'm not sure why the Redskins continue to use him as a No. 2 receiver when it's clear that's not what he is. At least not here.

2. Will Ladell Betts be extra motivated this weekend? We thought he would be and he certainly looked as if he was, with another career-high day (171 yards on 33 carries). But I won't credit the money for the big day. Betts would have had a big day regardless of his contract. The holes were there -- the Eagles' run D stinks - and he ran with patience and hit holes hard. He and the line work very well together. The one piece we'd like to see Betts add is the ability to make guys miss in the secondary.

3. Are the Redskins crushed by their reality? We said yes and no, basing it on how loud the locker room was late in the week. And they clearly haven't quit on the season, given how they rallied from a 21-3 deficit and nearly won the game. Deep down, they've known for a while how tough it would be to make anything of this season. I don't sense guys checking out already, so that's a good sign. But I ask you: isn't it a bare minimum to expect guys to try hard? Isn't that called being a pro? The sad reality is that not everyone takes this approach, but most do. Still, the Redskins need to win a game.

4. How dangerous is Jeff Garcia? We thought he was bothersome because of how he can improvise in the pocket. We thought he lacked the arm to go deep often, but that he would burn the Redskins if they play too tight. He did, with a 60-yard pass in which Carlos Rogers was burned by a double move. Clearly, Garcia can still play with talent around him, something he did not have in Detroit and Cleveland.

5. Are the Redskins too banged up? The answer is yes and Sunday proved that point again. Jon Jansen played well, despite having one healthy leg. But Phillip Daniels is, which is why he didn't start. And Troy Vincent is still recovering. Shawn Springs, hurt most of the season, now is actually starting to feel good. Injuries did not play a major factor in the loss, however. Two interceptions and the inability to score in the red zone did the trick instead.

6. Which Eagles defender player should the Redskins worry about? We said Jeremiah Trotter and Brian Dawkins. Trotter was pretty sturdy, though the Redskins had no problem running the ball for most of the game. But Dawkins made two noteworthy plays to help Philly win, batting down a pass to Randle El and sacking Jason Campbell late in the game, forcing a field goal. On the batted pass, Campbell was a bit late on the throw as Randle El was open. It's the difference in making your fourth start or your 14th. Eventually, that pass will be, and must be, thrown earlier.

7. Which offensive player should the Redskins worry about? We said Brian Westbrook and he indeed did have a solid game. We also worried a little about Donte Stallworth because of his speed and he caught one touchdown pass. But otherwise he was silent. Westbrook finished with 88 yards rushing. But the biggest problem was Garcia and his ability to consistently make plays. He only completed 15 passes, but each seemed to hurt.

8. What's the biggest test for Jason Campbell this week? We said not getting fooled by the defens and to be prepared for the blitz. Overall, Washington handled the blitz just fine -- except on their last series. But Campbell did well standing in the pocket and delivering passes. Campbell's problem was that he never saw linebacker Omar Gaither on his first interception -- and his eyes were easily read on the play. And, on the second, he needed to put the ball lower to Chris Cooley, preventing the DB from getting his hand on it to tip it up.

9. What's a good interior matchup? We thought it was DT Cornelius Griffin vs. RG Shawn Andrews. And C Casey Rabach vs. DT Darwin Walker. Have to give the Redskins credit for how they handled the line. The Redskins, meanwhile, generated little pressure and the most active lineman was DE Andre Carter.

10. Will the Redskins win? Well, we proved ourselves to be fools again when it comes to predicting games. I thought the Redskins would win 20-17. Maybe had Joe Gibbs not wimped out on fourth and 2 in the third quarter and gone for it, they would have won. At some point, he has to scrap the cautious mentality. I didn't think there was much difference between the Redskins and the Eagles and I still don't. But the Eagles make plays to win (INTs) and the Redskins don't (dropped INTs). Story of the season.

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