Behind Enemy Lines: Torry Hold

Behind Enemy Lines--He knows what it's like to get hit by Sean Taylor. He's not fond of the feeling.

Q: How is the offense different under Scott Linehan than under Mike Martz?
A: "It's little bit more controlled, maybe not as high flying as it had been in the past. A little bit more controlled tempo. Run first and then pass; setting things up off the run. There are some differences."

Q: How has it been adjusting from a high-powered passing-first style to this offense?
A: "It took some getting used to. I just really stayed poised and stayed focused on what we were trying to accomplish as an offense as a whole. It's been somewhat of a challenge throughout the course of the year but I think his (Linehan) philosophy works. I think it's good. We all have bought into it and are trying to make it work and we're trying to get better at it week in and week out. We're just trying to make it work."

Q: Did you anticipate this type of year because of the changes and did that somehow make this year easier to accept?
A: "It's never easy to accept. You have high hopes coming into each year to play well during the regular season and put yourself into position to have some postseason play. Right now, we don't know the situation that is going to happen. We do know we have another game against a good Washington team. So we have an opportunity to go out and play well and try and finish out this season very well. Coming into this year with the team; with the offseason workouts, minicamps and training camp and all, we felt like we had a good vibe here. We felt like we had something we can go on with and do some things. Throughout the course of the season we just fell short. But here we are. We're 6-8 with an opportunity to finish up 8-8."

Q: What do you think of still having a shot at the playoffs?
A: "It's crazy. I think this year in the NFC has been a hilarious year. It's just been up and down. I guess you want to credit it to the parody in the NFC. Our thing is not to make a big deal out of it and just try to finish out these two games with wins and then see what happens at the end."

Q: What did you think of Marc Bulger's comments after the Arizona game?
A: "It was a situation where we felt we should have won and he was venting. He was frustrated. He said what he felt needed to be said. Nobody took it took heart to where they spoke to Marc or was mad. We took it as a challenge. I think for the most part, since he said that we have gotten better in some areas on our football team. ...I was a little shocked because Marc is such a low-key, quiet guy. He doesn't make comments like that so once I heard him I knew it was something really serious and something that was heart felt. He's the quarterback, he's a leader. Guys look to Marc for leadership. He's been a around for a while. He has every right to say what he said and I think we went out and improved on some of the things that we need to improve on to be a better team."

Q: What did you think of the Redskins' defense last week?
A: "I've always had respect for Washington's defense. I think Gregg Williams and that bunch have those guys physically ready to come out every week and play good football. The guy that I like the most over there on that side of the ball is Sean Taylor. I think he's just a phenomenal player, a Pro Bowl player without a doubt. Then (Marcus) Washington and (Andre) Carter, who they picked up from San Francisco, they have some good football players like in (Shawn) Springs. They have some good football players on that football team. We know we are going to be in for a very physical challenge come Sunday."

Q: What's it feel like to get hit by Sean Taylor?
A: "That's why it took me so long to get on the phone with you guys. I was in there trying to get these shoulders right, trying to lift as much weight as I could so if he catches me I can take some of that pounding. He's a striker, a phenomenal player with a lot of range. He does good in pass coverage. He's very physical in the run game. You definitely have to be aware of where he is on the football field. He puts me the mind of a guy that flies around and makes plays always around the ball. Ronnie Lott was a lot like that. A guy that you're going to know he's in the area by the way he hits you."

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