They said what?

As usual a lot was said after last night's win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Redskins won the game 40-10. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.


Redskins coach Steve Spurrier: ''It was pretty easy coaching the offense tonight. Turnovers, field position. We had a chance to score a lot of points. We only had 26 [on offense] so we didn't do that much. It was a win, but it's not that big a deal.''

Spurrier on his return to Florida: ''It was overhyped. It's not that big a deal. It's still a preseason game.''

Spurrier on Shane Matthews: ''He did pretty well. He hung in there and made some good plays here and there. And he missed a few of them.''

Spurrier on Patrick Ramsey: ''He's a rookie and he played like a rookie. We didn't do much with all the opportunities we had [when he was in the game]. It's not easy if you don't know what's going on. He's not ready to play yet.''

More Spurrier: ''We're not a super team, but it's been fun just coaching ball. I know it could turn.''

Defensive end Greg Scott: ''You just get a lot of energy when you see a loose ball like that.''

Matthews: ''I left some plays out there. Against the Bucs you play smart and take your shots when they're there.''

Matthews: ''We mixed it up well and that's what you want to do against a good defensive team. You can't just drop back and throw every down. When we're running well it sets up the play-action pass.''

Matthews on Ramsey: ''They blitzed him almost every down. I felt bad for him, but for his first action I thought he played pretty well.''

Ramsey: ''I felt fine. I'm sure I looked shaky. I was just trying to find the open guy and fire it to him. But I can feel a lot more comfortable out there.''

Ramsey on his TD pass to Jacquez Green: ''They played him man coverage and he did an excellent job outmanuevering his guy. The defender swiped at it and I thought he was going to hit it. Jacquez did a great job concentrating on the ball. That was all him.''

Ramsey on his interception: ''Bad throw, bad decision. That simple.''

Receiver Chris Doering: ''The offense isn't real special. We just take chances and a lot of teams don't take chances.''

Green: ''Patrick was cool. He got hit early on so that helped him settle down. He has a lot to learn but he threw it well when he knew who he was throwing it to.''

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