Whisper Room

Every so often we hear that the Redskins and Jon Jansen, or at least his agent, have started to talk about a new deal. Which means we once again have to set the record straight.

Jansen's agent, Rick Smith, said there are no serious talks going on. And we hear that the Redskins may be willing to let Jansen test the open market after the season. At least that's what we hear Jansen is bracing for. He watched it happen to Stephen Alexander and Cory Raymer last year and we hear he's already anticipating a similar fate.

If that happens, here's what will follow: Jansen will sign elsewhere, preferrably near his hometown (yes, he'd even play for the Lions). You'd better believe the Lions already are talking about him--one coach told Matt Millen to overpay for him. Why not?

From what we hear Jansen wants to remain in Washington and if the Redskins wait until after the season, leaving him hanging for a few months, they could still sign him for the right offer. Money isn't everything to Jansen, but security is and the cash is more important now than it was earlier in his career. Then, he viewed himself as invincible. Now, he realizes the business side of the league--not to mention the injury part.

So when the money is shown he would sign, even after a chaotic four seasons that has left him, at times, highly frustrated.

But if it looks like Spurrier will be around for a while, that chaos will subside. Which is why Jansen would want to stay.

The Redskins, though, are playing with fire. If they wait too long, they'll get burned.

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