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Patrick Ramsey showed he could make certain throws other quarterbacks on the roster can't make. He also showed he has lots to learn--especially when it comes to picking up blitzes. Then there's tackle Reggie Coleman. He, too, has shown enough to warrant a roster spot. But he, too, had to adjust to facing an NFL rush. Here's what they've learned and how they've adjusted.

For Ramsey, the big issue was dealing with blitzes. Tampa Bay threw a lot of Cover 2 zones and blitzed Ramsey, forcing him to think on his feet. IT wasn't easy.

''Guys like Shane and Danny are more effective against that than I am,'' Ramsey said. ''But I expect to get to that level as son as possible. Those guys see it and know what's coming. They knwo better than I do what to get to to beat that. A couple of times I see it coming but can't quite decide what to run against it. Once it becomes second nature it will be a lot easier.

''I would prefer to pick it up and throw it down the field. But if I can't I have to get rid of it before they get there and you have to know who's out there. I've got a lot of adjustments to make, but that's why I'm here. I'll be able to handle it.''

As for Coleman, he struggled mightily early in training camp with pass protection. He's improved, somewhat, but still has a ways to go.

The biggest change for Coleman is learning how to set on his drops in the NFL as opposed to college. There, he could take a wider drop. If he does that in the NFL he'll be beaten. So he can't be as wide, making his first step at more of an angle.

''I've learned that you have to sit back and get depth,'' he said. ''You've got twists coming, games, blitzes. You have to see everything so I take a vertical set. I'm taking it deeper than most because I'm new to it and I want to make sure I get a full view. That way I can see stunts coming and how the defensive end is rushing, if it's a bull rush or if he's oing up the field or if the linebacker is coming. I have to see it or I'll get demolished.''

How long did it take him to realize that? Well, he's still learning. But his first lesson occured early in camp.

''That's one of the first things you see and coach [Kim] Helton told me, 'This isn't college anymore, you can't sit wide.' ''

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