Kick'n it with Keim

Last night was our fifth pre-season chat with John Keim. He gives us some insight on who will be here and who will not. Here is last night's chat transcripts for those of you that missed the chat or just want to go back and relive the moment.

gp333 : who is the #2 RB?

JohnKeim : Ladell Betts is in, obviously. I've been told that the Gillespie-Watson race is ultra-tight so it's hard to say. I go back and forth. I like Watson out of the backfield, but Gillespie might have more upside in this offense.

gp333 : whichever RB gets cut will make the practice squad, right?

JohnKeim : Both are eligible so yes that's a strong possibility. I think Watson would get picked up by another team before Gillespie, which should give him an edge. I also think it would be cool for Spurrier to say, ''Watson, come quick. I need you.''

Rat_Boy : John, why is the FO so STUPID when it comes to dealing with our own drafted guys. I think you know who I am referring to.
Rat_Boy : Why do they act like they just don't care about our own players?

JohnKeim : Jansen?

Rat_Boy : Yea.

JohnKeim : Good question. It really seems, as of right now, that they're willing to let him test the market then try to match the offer. This one boggles my mind. Jansen is the epitome of what they should want in a player. Ever see him run out of the tunnel for a preseason game? He charges out of there like it's a playoff game. He's usually the first one to sprint to a drill and almost always wins sprints among the linemen. But if they wait until the market opens, they'll lose him. Guaranteed.

gp333 : if Davis doesnt put up big numbers this year, will management even bother reworking his deal? or just cut him?

JohnKeim : It depends how Betts does. If it looks like the kid can handle a full load then Davis' days would be numbered. I'd guess they'd let him go. But I also think Stephen will put up strong numbers, in which case they'd probably redo the deal. This one hasn't been decided yet.

pbfromdc : Don't you think David Terrell #31 has improved this off-season, I thought he had a great game against Tampa Bay, what are your thoughts?

JohnKeim : I think he's improved and he's OK. But i'm Not a big fan of Terrell's. I think he's a good guy to have on the roster because he helps on ST and in the nickel where he can play corner or safety. But he doesn't make big plays and it's not as if he cuts down on big plays, either. STill not crazy about the angles he takes on some deep balls--bad angles by him have led to two long gainers this summer. That said he's a hard worker and he understands the defense. I'd like to see Ohalete a little more. He lacks experience but might have more potential.

gp333 : Anyone on waivers right now that might interest the Redskins? how about Mark Fisher?

JohnKeim : Maybe, but they had their chance before with Fischer and declined to re-sign him. I will say, backup center could be a problem. Some OL aren't as high on Wilbert Brown as the OL coach is. Then again, the OL coach, Kim Helton, coached him at the Univ. of Houston.

Rich : Hi John, is the team picking up on Spurrier's confidence/arrogance?

JohnKeim : Yes. And I'd call it confidence. Spurrier doesn't walk around as if he's reinvented the wheel. He just walks around like he knows what to do with it. That filters down to the players. Same with Marvin Lewis. The defensive guys go into a game confident that the plan will work.

spanishomelette : On the D side would they be interested in Ellis Johnson? Is Gardener a bigger concern then we are reading?

JohnKeim : Not sure about Ellis. But yes about Gardener. Let's just say they'd be pretty happy to get half a season out of him. Anything beyond that is probably a bonus.

skinsmaniac : do you think the ball coach is going to get our skins pumped for rival games like the late great george allen

JohnKeim : Few could get a team pumped up like Allen. But I think Spurrier's presence will make the other teams get pumped up, which the Redskins players will have to match. You'd better believe Campo doesn't want to lose to Spurrier. That alone will stoke the flames of this rivalry. Players feel that heat.

gp333 : How much have we seen of the Spurrier offense? What is there for us to expect?

JohnKeim : Good question. I asked Spurrier that last week and he said, ''How much do you think we've shown?'' I think there's a lot left. But the difference isn't so much what plays they're running, it's the game planning and the game day adjustments. Jacquez Green told me that's Spurrier's best attributes and he's done very little of that.

Dan : Out of all the players on the roster, who do you think has the most fantasy value this season? Is it going to Davis like always this year?

JohnKeim : I'd start with him because he's a known quantity. I also think Rod Gardner has played well the past couple weeks and looked better in practice. He's now clearly the No. 1 receiver.

JohnKeim : But, remember, this offense spreads the wealth in the passing game.

Stephan : John in the latest issue of Warpath you were asked for your season predictions, yours game wins seemed to be lower than the other Skins media, my question is: what team in our division scares you and why?

JohnKeim : Clearly Philly is the best team entering the season. Dallas scares me because if the QB play is consistent the Cowboys could make a big move. To me, that's a big IF. I view the Redskins as a 9-7 team, but I would not be surprised to see them win more--if they remain healthy.

Kilmer17 : Local radio here in tampa reported that the team was going to use the retro jerseys year round. I know they have all preseason thus far, any truth to that?

JohnKeim : Haven't heard that yet. I like the uniforms--so do my kids. I wish they'd stick with them, but they won't. They're already eyeing their 75th anniversary and will make another jersey change at that time.

pbfromdc : Thanks for doing this JK...I have always had a question for journalists, when they say a QB has poor arm strength (Wuerfel) does that mean that he will grow weaker as the season progresses or that he cannot make certain throws and thus the offense is limited or that he will throw a lot interceptions because it will take too long for the ball to get there or all 3?

JohnKeim : That he can't make certain throws, like out routes which are a must in any offense--it spreads the field and a weak arm leads to huge negative plays. One thing I like about Wuerffel is that he compensates by throwing the ball before the receiver breaks. IF he can consistently do that, it will help.

Stephan : John, Arrington fans worldwide wan to know why he refuses to sign a deal with NFLPA to license his name,ever find out why?

JohnKeim : Woops. Forgot to ask. I will make that a priority over the next week.

Rat_Boy : John, a lot of us are under the ""assumption"" that with regards to DE, it will be LaDairis Jackson OR Gregg Scott. Any chance they both make the final cut?

JohnKeim : Both will make the cut, so I was told today. Hard to believe, isn't it? But I won't believe it until the final cuts are made (could be Friday).

Doggmatica : John, what is the story on Carl Powell. Things have gbeen kind of quiet regarding him, but I have seen that Lewis is ""saying"" he is really improved and should be a good contributer.

JohnKeim : Lewis likes him and Powell has been working with the first unit in place of Gardener. I like Powell's shiftiness inside. Contrary to belief, Lewis doesn't need big guys in the middle. At least not two of them. He seems to place as much a premium on quickness as anything. Powell will help, though it remains to be seen if he can be a quality fulltime starter. If he is, then look for Cowsette or Arp, whichever makes it, to get det decent time.

JohnKeim : Got a few more minutes. Then have to tuck the kids in....FYI: We're hoping to get a player for a chat next week.

gp333 : Is there any news about Fina? What other OL are they looking at?

JohnKeim : Not too sure about Fina. I've heard very mixed things within the organization. Of course, some of that related to him playing guard. But still not sure how viable an option he is. But I wouldn't be surprised to see them pick someone else up after the final cuts. Why not wait to see who becomes available?

gp333 : wouldnt he be a good backup OT ? I agree, they should wait

JohnKeim : Probably. But still not sure how sold they are on him. That's the problem with mixed signals.

Rat_Boy : John, there has been MUCH made of Spurrier's comment about Davis. It went something like ""We have plenty of Traps for Davis."" Please tell me they are practicing more than just trap plays for the NFC's leading runner. Draws, not traps.

JohnKeim : They have draws, too. ...They favor lots of misdirection runs in this offense, which also means counters. But they have lots of beef on the right; they'd be silly not to pound occasionally. either way...they'll run both

Rat_Boy : So it is not only draws. That is good.

JohnKeim : Just think how much Arizona is wondering the same thing

Rat_Boy : Well, since there are no more questions, I would like to thank John, and let him go tuck them kids in.

JohnKeim : My pleasure. Excellent questions and, like I said, pay attention to the boards over the next few days. We'll let you know which player and when for next week. Bye!

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