Q&A with Former Gator Chris Doering

[MEDIA:32872]<BR> In this interview with UFI, <b>Chris Doering</b> talks about being reunited with Steve Spurrier, the offense in Washington, the transition to his new home, and much much more.

Chris Doering will try his hand at becoming a bona fide NFL player under Steve Spurrier. Like many other Gators this could be his last and best chance in the National Football League. He has been the talk at the receiver position with his mini-camp and coaching session's success. He now must follow it up with a strong training camp.

Ack: How did the most recent mini-camp go?
CD: It was another good "coaching session." I caught a lot of balls and really feel like I have a chance to be the number 3 receiver.

Ack: Who is leading for the top two spots?
CD: Rod Gardner and Quezzy, they have done a nice job and I think they can be a real good tandem. I think we can surprise some people and be a real good unit.

Ack: Are you only playing the third receiver spot?
CD: No, we rotate and I play all the spots. It depends on the formations we are working on in practice. I have been in on two, three and four wide formations.

Ack: Have you caught most of your passes as the slot?
CD: It has been 50-50; I would say half as the slot and the rest of my catches from the other spots. I have certainly taken advantage of that position and having played it in this system at Florida.

Ack: How has the offense developed?
CD: We are getting more and more comfortable with it. The quarterbacks and the receivers are on the same page and that makes it fun.

Ack: How is your Achilles holding up?
CD: It is strong and feels good. It is amazing what modern medicine can do.

Ack: What has this off-season been like?
CD: It has been kind of weird. Usually you just workout and so forth, but because of the new rules for new coaches in the NFL we have really practiced a lot. I think these rules have helped me prove I can play at this level, with the only downside being I would like to be a bit stronger.

Ack: Have you and the other receivers caught many corner routes?
CD: Of course, it is the staple of the offense. Everything is predicated on good precise route running.

Ack: Do you think Training Camp (Players report June 22) will be tough on the offense?
CD: Actually I think it will be easier. Especially the games, our defense has thrown everything at us and we don't even have pads on. Once the backs and lineman get pads on they will be able to pick up blitzes and so forth so I think it will be easier.

Ack: How has Coach Spurrier been?
CD: He seems rejuvenated, almost like it was in 1991.He is real enthusiastic and seems to be having a good time.

Ack: Is your family settled in and how do you like living up there?
CD: Yes we are settled and can find our way around real good now. It is real beautiful up here, the only problem is the fact that Washington is a little more likely to be attacked rather than good ole' Gainesville. But its nice and I am looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks back home in Gainesville.

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