They said what?

A lot was said after last night's loss to the New England Patriots. The Redskins lost the game 28-14. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''This is the first time I've seen Danny struggle like this. The protection and the plays were not our best. We had some bad plays called and we struggled. We all share in that. But I just really feel that right now there is less pressure on Shane to go play. Right now Shane looks to be our best player. Maybe three or four weeks from now if he gets banged up, maybe it will be Danny's turn to play. There's not a huge difference between the two.''

Spurrier, ''When Danny hesitated, someone popped him and he usually fumbled. I said, 'Why did you fumble.' And he said, 'I don't know.' He had a tough night.''

Spurrier, ''If Danny played extremely well that first half he would have been comfortable enough to go play. But right now he's not our best one to go play. So Shane's our quarterback and he's our starter. And we'll go from there.''

Spurrier, ''There are no excuses. New England was just better than us tonight.''

Spurrier, ''We're still a pretty good team, but we're not as great as some people think. We're not good enough pass blockers to throw 50 times a game. Maybe we'll look back and say this was good for us at this time.''

Spurrier, ''We're not all that bad, trust us. But we were bad that first half.''

Redskins QB Shane Matthews, ''I'm glad to be the opening day starter but Danny Will be ready and it will take both of us to have the year that we want to have here. It's hard for a team to go the entire season with one guy. Hopefully I will play well and I will put everything I have into winning the opener.''

Matthews, ''Like I told everybody at the beginning of the preseason: It might not be that easy every week. We played against a very good defensive team tonight, a well-coached team and it was a good learning experience for us.''

Redskins QB Danny Wuerffel, ''Shane is a great player and he has done a lot of good things. He did a great job in camp, I think we all did really well in camp. It will be a good opportunity for him. . . .The reality is it's a long season and we'll see how it goes.''

Wuerffel, ''I'm pretty disappointed. It seemed like we either had a sack or a penalty to kill our drives. . . .But I've got to make quick decisions. That's the name of the game.''

Patriots S Lawyer Milloy, ''Out of their offense we saw similar things compared to what the Rams are doing, with the multiple receivers and things. As a defensive player you can sit back and look at all these points they're putting up, but our defensive backs are looking at it like we have a chance to knock people around.''

Milloy, ''There was one play when I came down, I think Wuerffel was the quarterback, and he looked over and had to call a timeout. That was a play when he actually looked over at Spurrier and like I said, Spurrier does not play the game. He can't be out there making the checks from the line.''

Redskins OT Jon Jansen, ''Hopefully this game opens our eyes to some of the things we need to improve on. . . .When you lose the way we did, the confidence is not shattered, but it is shaken a little bit. We need to take this week and get our confidence back and get ready to play Arizona.''

Redskins WR Chris Doering, ''Both quarterbacks played well. It's a shame both can't start. But it doesn't matter to us. Both are good leaders. We'll run good routes and cach balls from whoever he puts at quarterback.''

Doering, ''Our intensity level was not as high as it's been the last four weeks.''

Redskins CB Champ Bailey, ''I let the quarterback situation take care of itself. We have two great quarterbacks and a great system. Either one of them is capable of succeding for us.''

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