Nickel Package: Schott Out, Arrington Done?

The Nickel Package: 02-13-07: Marty always finds a job, but then never seems to stick. Why is that?

1. Shawn Springs contract. The Redskins want to redo his contract, but there has to be a worry on his part that this is nothing more than a paycut, that Washington wants him back but only at a reduced salary. If that's the case, Springs likely has played his last game here. Even if he returns, the Redskins need another corner, but this would force them to sign two. And that means they'd better get Nate Clements (whose agent is the same as Derrick Dockery's).

2. LaVar Arrington is cut. This is a hunch, but not a bad one and it's based on knowing Arrington. But I would not be surprised if Arrington is done with football. He's always had his eye on other stuff in life and he and I talked a couple years ago about his desire to simply be a fan again. He missed that. And he wanted to go to Penn State games and tailgate and focus on his family. He had the joy of football taken from him his last two years in Washington and the injury last year, plus getting cut Monday, might be what sends him packing. Just don't be surprised one way or another. Regardless, it would be a sad ending to what started out as a promising career. But knowing Arrington, he'll be productive with the rest of his life and that's a good thing.

3. Marty Schottenheimer. In three of his four jobs, Schottenheimer has been fired because of conflicts with the owner, or someone else in power. It was a clash of egos in Cleveland, a battle for control in Washington and a who-knows-what in San Diego. Schottenheimer is a terrific coach and there's little doubt in my mind that Washington would be much better off had he not been fired, but he is headstrong and it's gotten in his way at times. It's unfortunate.

4. Ticket prices stay flat. For that the Redskins are to be congratulated? Heck, after last season they should go down. It's still funny; many people out there think 1991 was yesterday. It's now 15 years and counting. But one thing the Redskins won't have to worry about during training camp is a pennant race by the Nationals. Boy, they'll be terrible. That's why I have a good marketing slogan for them: Misery Loves Company. Get it?

5. GM talk. My friend and colleague Rick Snider once again touts the need to hire a GM, throwing out Floyd Reese's name. Reese would be a fantastic fit and his track record in drafts is much better than anyone in this organization. Heck, his valuing the draft would be a departure. But, alas, it's not about to happen. My fear for this place remains this: even if the Redskins have a winning season and Gibbs somehow steps aside, I do not view this organization as being better off. That won't be the case until more quality people grace the front office. Period.

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