Skins settle on practice squad

The Redskins settled on their practice squad--and their kick returners. But it appears any decision on who will start at left guard will wait. Though some wonder if it's already been made.

The Redskins signed receiver Justin Skaggs, tackle Reggie Coleman, running back Robert Gillespie, defensive lineman Bernard Jackson and defensive back Ricot Joseph to the practice squad.

Also, David Loverne worked as the starting left guard alongside left tackle Chris Samuels, who returned to practice. But Loverne hasn't officially been named the starter. Steve Spurrier said there's a good chance it will be a guard-by-committee, with Ross Tucker and Kipp Vickers also seeing time during the game.

Special teams coach Mike Stock said Jacquez Green will handle the punt return duties, pointing to his quick decision making ability. Champ Bailey might return an occasional punt, Stock said.

Derrius Thompson will start at receiver with Rod Gardner.

''He has the tools to be a star in this league,'' Redskins quarterback Shane Matthews said of Thompson.

And Redskins coach Steve Spurrier opened up his press conference with a message for Redskins fans: ''I appreciate the fans being patient with us int he first two preseason games. We did not perform well offensively or defensively in the first half of the two home games. I realize in pro ball it's common to boo, but our fans have been patient and hopefully we'll give you something to yell about in the first half. We want the fans to be really involved, yelling and screaming. We have to do our part to give you something to yell about.''

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