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We would like to personally thank Eddie Mason for taking the time to chat with our site members. Great questions were asked and answered and we have enclosed the chat transcript for those that missed the chat, and for those that just want to relive the moment. Stay tuned to the site for more upcoming player chats.

Hi Eddie ^`2013 Greetings from Charlotte^`2026 Glad to have you on our special teams! I hope you get the opportunity to be a mainstay on the team for years to come. Do you think ST have improved from last year? The group really seemed to come on last year, and it was a welcome change from the mid-90s.

Eddie Mason : Yeah. I think we have the opportunity to improve. Right now we have a lot of young guys with great talent. We have a lot of guys excited and committed about playing special teams which is always a plus going into the regular season.

OK. First off, I saw you at Carlisle this summer Eddie, and I gotta say that your are fast. Anyway. How is Conway doing? Is he now kicking in practice?

Eddie Mason : Yes he is kicking and right now from speaking with Brett he seems to be feeling better and is excited and ready for this weekend. ...I appreciate them telling me I still look fast. That means a lot being 30 and still playing!

Watching most games on TV, it doesn't seem that Conway gets a lot of depth to his kickoffs. But you guys seem to get down and cover ok. Is the height of the kick stressed more by the coaches?

Eddie Mason : Well, you would like for a guy to get both. To get height and length of the kick. But Brett has great hangtime on his kicks which affords us the ability to get down there because of our team speed before the returner gets a chance to develop his return.

Glad to see a local NC guy make good, were you a Skins fan growing up, seeing how NC was mostly Skins country back then? You can give me a PC answer if you have to

Eddie Mason : I better not answer that question...I actually was not a Redskins fan. I was a Bears fan, a Walter Payton fan when I grew up. My mom loved Dallas. She's still a big Dallas fan. She's an Eddie Mason fan but she's still a Dallas fan.

We've got some young guys like La Dairis Jackson and Greg Scott. Are they shaping up as significant contributors on teams?

Eddie Mason : Right now Ladairis and Greg are two guys who will help us overall, especially Ladairis. He seems to have come into his own especially in the preseason. He's shown glimpses of great ability at DE. He's also shown he can play special teams pretty good. Both will real big mainstays for us this season and in the future.

We've all been reading about the team unity this year through the media. How would you compare it to the last 3 years? This year especially has had much change.

Eddie Mason : This is probably the best year as far as team unity that I've been around. The reason is Coach Spurrier and Coach Lewis came into it really wanting us to be a team and a family and playing together as one. It's just guys having fun out there. A lot of guys lost the love of the game got it back this year. I wouldn't express any names, but we had some guys that were talking about retiring. But since this new group has come in, it's like the guys have a new vitatlity. They're excited about playing. Guys are excited to be coached this way. It's not the talent or the ability that will help us be successful, it will be us playing as one. Those are the teams that get it done at the end. Look at New England last year, you say how do they do it.

When Barber was hurt last season, you came in and did a great job for us. Do you think the coaches might find a way to rotate you into games this year?

Eddie Mason : I think coach Lewis his mindset and his mentality is to use every athelte who's on that unit to the best he can. I always tell coaches, use me, I'm available. I don't just play special teams. Coach Lewis has a desire to do that. My mentality is to prepare myself as a starter. You never know when someone will go down. That way the defense won't skip a beat.

Speaking of Marvin Lewis, what's he like as a coach?

Eddie Mason : He's really a lot of fun, but he's also very very intense. I would say when it comes to his defense, he knows it like no other defensive coordinator that I've been around. He knows what everyone is doing. Sometimes coordiantors can't coach every position but he has a unique gift to see the entire field when we're at practice and see what everyone is doing. If someone makes a mistake he knows what went wrong. He's very intense in practice. He wants us to push it every play, run to the ball and his big thing is trying to take the ball away and give it to the offnese. We'll play aggressive hard-nosed football. That's what we want to establish ourselves as. We have the talent to do that.

Do have any aspirations to go into coaching after you are through playing?

Eddie Mason : That's funny you say that because last week after the last preseason game, some of the players and one of the coaches came up to me and asked me that, becuase you did a great job on the sideline. I'll have to see and I'll need to consult with my wife.

Eddie, you get to face them in practice, so could you tell us a little bit about the differences between Bryan Johnson and Rock Cartwright. They both seem to be good fullbacks, but Cartwight looked like a load when I saw him at camp.

Eddie Mason : Johnson, we consider him the athletic fullback. Bryan, I wouldn't consider him a power blocker. He can make adjustments and is a great overall athlete. Remember he came into the NFL as a linebacker. Rock, I call him Little Rhino Man. Rock really showed me a lot especially two games ago against Tampa. He still has a lot to learn, but I think ...he's not just a physcial blocker, but he can run and catch. There's a lot of potential for him in this offense.

Are you guys looking to run blitz more this year?

Eddie Mason : I'll tell you this. I can't give away what we'll do, but I will say we're going to play real aggressive this year. Whenever we go out there on defense, they won't have much time to get any balls off.

How about 3-4 schemes?

Eddie Mason : I think Marvin, our base will be primarily a 4-3, but I don't think coach Lewis, because of his ability to make adjustments, I wouldn't put it past him if it were necessary for us to play a 3-4. We have the ability at linebacker to do it.

Do you still keep in touch with UNC as an Alumni? There were several great players on D when you were there.

Eddie Mason : Matter of fact last weekend when we played the Patriots, Jimmy Hitchcock and Riddick Parker, we were talking about getting together this offseason. I do keep in close contact with all the players. I'm not as active as far as going back to UNC. But I root for them because I'm blue through and through. But I don't have the chance to get back there as much as I'd like.

What was the mood like after the last preseason game, and is everyone ready WHIP SOME Arizona ASS

Eddie Mason : The mood was, we didn't like losing. Coach was upset and all the players were upset. Right now we can't live in the past as far as the whole preseason. But it was exciting to come out 4-1. Right now our main goal is to get healthy, which we're doing and to go out and beat up on Arizona. But we know this is a good team coming out here. They've made great acquisitions this offseason in Duane Starks and picked up the tight end from San Diego. Plus they have a humongous offensive line.

How is Darryl Gardener moving around in practice? Does he look like he can go on Sunday?

Eddie Mason : Right now Daryl is looking great. The coaches and the training staff just wanted to take precautions going into the regular season. Right now he's full speed and we're excited that he's back.

Eddie Mason : Unfortunately I only have time for one more question!

How do you think we'll do this season?

Eddie Mason : I'll tell you what, in my opinion I believe if we continue to stay humble and focused and stay hungry, one play at a time, one practice at a time, one game at a time, I believe the sky's the limit. Reason being is because of the talent we have, the coaches we have and the unity that we have on this team....Goodbye, I appreciate you chatting with me today and thank you for being loyal fans and I hope we do you proud this year. And if you're ever on the website, be sure to log onto www.faithfoundation.us Or you can call the foundation at 703-723-9254. Bye! Go Redskins!

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