Tucker Returns, Bly Update

Ross Tucker once made the Redskins as a longshot rookie free agent from Princeton. Now he returns with a chance to bolster the line. He's not the answer to their problem at left guard, but he adds depth and versatility, having started 25 career games -- including 16 at left guard.

Tucker also started 13 games there for the Bills in 2004 and played one season under then-coach Gregg Williams. He also said he talked with Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels, who strongly encouraged him to sign here.

Tucker passed up a similar one-year deal from Atlanta to sign.

He did not play last season after getting cut by Cleveland at the end of training camp. Tucker had back surgery after the 2004 offseason, which affected him into camp and he was eventually released. New England signed him late in the season and he played one regular-season game as well as the playoffs.

''I've heard nothing but great stuff about Joe Gibbs and Joe Bugel,'' Tucker said. ''I'm a football historian so the opportunity to play for a Hall of Fame coach and, if there such a thing existed, a Hall of Fame offensive line coach, is really exciting.''

Bly update: We've heard mixed things on whether or not the Redskins would trade for Dre Bly. One source close to him in Detroit said he heard there was a possibility it could still happen, but said he wouldn't be surprised if it didn't occur until the draft. Also, he said Bly was initially disappointed with the trade to Denver but is an emotional guy and often says things without much thinking.

But one Redskins source also said it was unlikely to happen.

The bottom line? Stay tuned.

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