Unveiling the Virtual Locker Room

Did you ever listen to Steve Spurrier's press conference and have a question that you wish the press would ask? You need the Virtual Locker Room. Have you ever scanned the papers the day after a game, looking for quotes about what you viewed as a pivotal play in the game, only to come up empty because the members of the media didn't think to ask about it? The Virtual Locker Room is the answer.

Combining modern technology with good, old-fashioned hustling journalism, the Virtual Locker Room is your ticket to getting the answers to your questions. During the course of Redskins home games, Total Access members will be able to send questions directly to our reporter in the press box. After the game, he will go to the coach's conference and into the Redskins locker room and ask your questions. All of the answers that your reporter is able to get will be published for Total Access members only here on WarpathInsiders.com.

Our reporter Rich Tandler answers questions as to how this will work:

Q: How are you going to receive the questions from the Total Access members?

A: I'll get them via text messenger on my cell phone. It has some limitations, but for right now it's the best way to get it done.

Q: What are the limitations?

A: The main one is that each message can only contain 160 characters. After that, the message is simply cut off.

Q: That doesn't sound like much room to ask a question.

A: Really, it is. "Ask Spurrier why he decided to decline the holding call in the third period rather than pushing the Jets out of field goal range," is fewer than 160 characters. So is, "Ask Ramsey what he saw in the defense that made him change the play at the line before his second-quarter TD pass."

Q: So the key is to get to the point, is that it?

A: Exactly. Don't be long winded, get to the point. Skip the greeting, skip the setup, don't say "great game", keep the fluff to a minimum and that's plenty of space to ask a good question.

Q: Other than getting to the point, are there any other ground rules for questions?

A: Just a couple. First, only ask game-related questions, please. I'm not going to ask Champ Bailey about his contract status or Lavar Arrington about what happened to Penn State the day before. And don't ask the obvious questions. If Laveranues Coles makes a great, game-winning touchdown catch in the last minute, you'll be able to read everything you want to know about that in the papers the next day. I don't need to be the 50th reporter to ask him "How did it feel?" Being the intelligent fans that you are, there's no doubt that you can come up with some great questions that would otherwise go unasked.

Q: So what are the nuts and bolts of getting a question to you?

A: Point your Web browser to www.vtext.com. Here you'll see an interface send a text message. Under "Send To" type in rtandler@vtext.com. Under "From" put your WarpathInsider.com screen name. Then type your question in the "Message" box. A box near the bottom has a countdown of the characters that are available to you. You do not need to fill out the "Reply to" or "Callback number" boxes. The just hit send, click OK on the next page and your question is on the way!

Q: What if I have access to e-mail but not to the Web?

A: You can submit questions directly to rtandler@vtext.com from any e-mail program, but be aware that your "From" information and your subject count against the 160-character limit, so you will have to get to the point in your question very quickly. If you do it this way, be sure to make your screen name the subject. Keep in mind that if your question goes over 160 characters, all text over the limit will be cut off.

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: Yes. Please get me your questions as soon as you can. If you see something in the second quarter that you want to ask about, take a minute to jump on your computer at halftime and fire your question out to me. It's inevitable that there will be a flood of questions as the game ends and after the game, but the earlier you get your question in, the better chance I have of getting it answered.

Remember, you must be a Total Access member to take advantage of this feature that you can't find anywhere else. Sign up today and let your voice be heard in the Redskins locker room!

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