Nickel Package: Bly, Re-Signings, OG Hole, JC

What will the Redskins do with regards to Bly and the huge gaping hole at starting OG?

1. Dre Bly rumors. OK, so we haven't heard anything in about a week about a possible trade with Denver. We do know that, in talking to a source with the Lions who was close to Bly, that a deal is still possible. However, such deals don't need to be made now. That can easily be one made just before the draft or on draft day. I like that Washington recognizes a need to get more draft picks. Problem is, their history in the draft is rather weak.

2. More Bly. Would he be a good move? I don't think so. Bly is a very good cover corner with excellent instincts. Also, he's apparently a very good guy -- an emotional one, too, who sometimes speaks before he thinks. For a reporter, that can be fun. However, Bly was a poor fit in Detroit last year because the Lions used more Cover 2. He was not physical enough to play in that defense and it also required a disciplined on-field approach. Bly's ''instinctive'' style goes against a disciplined approach. And if he's not physical -- as coaches, scouts and evaluators say he is not -- then I have no idea why Gregg Williams would want him. Williams is adamant about his corners playing the run well. If they got rid of Shawn Springs, that would leave them with one physical corner in their top three. It's hard to imagine Williams going along with that. Also, Bly is not fast and the lack of makeup speed suggests he'll be exposed more in the next few years.

3. Re-signings. The Redskins have re-signed defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti and are about to do the same with tight end Todd Yoder. It's surprising that Boschetti will be back and I'd look for him to have a hard time making the roster. Yoder is OK, but I'd hardly say he fills the strong need for a blocking tight end. He's considered a blocking tight end, but he's not considered one of the better ones.

4. Hole at guard. One reason the Redskins will need to look for more draft picks is to select a guard. This is considered a good draft for interior offensive linemen so if they can pick up a second-round pick they should be able to find a good young player. What's unfortunate is that they've been unprepared for the possibility of losing a player. And as good a coach as Joe Bugel is, he hasn't developed any young backups who could step in to be fulltime starters.

5. Jason Campbell's offseason. Here comes the onslaught of Campbell stories about what he needs to do this offseason. It hasn't changed since everyone wrote pieces on him after the season. It's his footwork and his throwing motion that need to change. Campbell needs to quicken his delivery, which can also be achieved through better footwork. The quicker he sets up, the quicker he can release the ball. Speaking of Campbell, I have this little anecdote about Mark Brunell. We both happened to speak at a dinner recently for the Madison High School baseball team in Vienna, Va., Brunell brought down the house with this story, talking about how he was lured to speak. He said the coach called him and told him what message they wanted delivered to the players and how they were looking for someone top-notch to give it to them, etc. So Brunell said, ''I'd love to do it.'' To which the coach said, ''Um, Mark, I don't think you understand. We wanted you to pass this message along to Jason Campbell.'' Of course, it was a joke. But that humor -- especially in tense times -- and his leadership, are why teammates still believe in him.

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