Nickel Package: Return to Workouts

The Redskins had their first voluntary workout today and approximately 45 players showed up.

1. Return to workouts. The Redskins had their first voluntary workout today and approximately 45 players showed up. Notable absences: Sean Taylor, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss and Phillip Daniels. Renaldo Wynn also missed, but he's at the NFLPA meetings. Moss and Daniels were the most vocal regarding the need for players to be able to work out on their own. Now, what the result will be is up for debate and we won't know until after the season. If they win, it was the right move. If not? Well, it wasn't. But most players adopted the attitude of Chris Cooley. The tight end said,
"When I got drafted here, I made this my home. I've had faith in the program and it's done well for me so I'm happy to do what they want me to do. Why go out and pay for something when you have this opportunity?"

2. Adam Archuleta. The Redskins have until Wednesday to decide what they want to do with the safety. If he's still on the roster, he'll be owed $5 million. The Redskins have said all offseason that Archuleta will return, so it's a bit curious what's going on. Perhaps they're waiting to see if anyone is interested in him via a trade. If not, it's likely he'll return.

3. Big Joe. Defensive tackle Joe Salave'a made a tough decision. He left his family in Las Vegas to work out in Ashburn. He'll be here four days a week and in Vegas for three days. Salave'a had a rough season last year and is not yet ready to leave the game. Not only was he hurt, but he had a rough time getting over his mother's death. It was too much. Look for a refreshed Salave'a next year.

4. Draft rumors. This is the best time of the year if you're a draftnik because of all the rumors. Some will of course be associated with the Redskins. Our sense is that if anything they want to move back and accumulate more picks. And we refuse to address the rumored trade with Oakland.

5.Left guard. The Redskins still haven't solved that hole, but I don't think the situation is as bad as it might seem. Remember, Derrick Dockery was, at best, their No. 4 linemen and more often than not he would be rated No. 5. That's not to demean him, but just to let you know exactly what it is they lost. I do think if they find someone who plays with better technique, they can be OK. There should be an unwritten rule somewhere that thou shalt never pay a guard an $18 million bonus. Good for Washington for not going out and trying to throw money at a mediocre player just to fill a hole. They have players such as Todd Wade, Mike Pucillo and Ross Tucker who might be able to do the job. If not, they should be able to find a bargain guy after possible June cuts. Or if they make a trade and get more picks, this is a good draft to find a guard in the second round. They'll be OK.

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