Q&A With: Adam Archuleta

The ex-Redskins safety spoke via conference call with reporters. He's still not happy with what happened in Washington.

On his one year in Washington: To me, life is pretty good and I'm not gonna complain about my life relative to how things were. Last year was a life altering experience for me. I was pretty down and in a sense I hit rock bottom. There were a lot of life lessons I learned and I'm a better person because of it. During my time there, it was a negative but as I look back it was a positive thing for me.

On coaches not talking: I'm trying not to get into the dynamics of last year. I'm over it. I know a lot of people want to hear about it, but it was something I went through and experirenced. The communication between me and, and not all, but certain members of the coaching staff was non-existent the last half of the season.

On if he has something to prove: I think you always do. I took quite a beating last year. My reputation in all phases took a beating. A great deal of humility was learned last year. There were a lot of detractors, but at certain points in my life I've had many detractors but I've always come out ahead. I definitely have a lot to prove to everybody. One thing I've always done, I'm gonna bet on me. I know none of the outside stuff matters.

On why he wasn't a good fit in Washington: I don't know if we have enough time to get into it. It just didn't work. There was a lot of stuff. I could air a bunch of dirty laundry, but what's done is done. One thing I will say is there's a lot more going on than people realize. Perception turned into reality and for many number of reasons it didn't work out. This move is best for all parties.

On if he regrets signing with Washington: No, I don't regret signing with the Redskins. I don't want to sound philosophical, but really what ended up happening after the tragedy of last year was a good thing for me. I learned a lot. At the time if you asked me in November, yeah I regretted signing because no one wants to go through that when they're in the prime of your career, especially when a lot of it is preventable. But I sensed things were kind of strange toward the end of training camp.

On if he thought it was personal or based on performance: It was a combination. Definitely, I won't pretend that I went there and lit it up. But at the same time when you look at the performance of the team and look at the performance of the defense and look at the individual performance, mine was not out of line with what was going on.

On playing the Redskins this season: It'll be fun. What I'll look forward to is the fans of Washington can actually see what I'm capable of doing and letting them see what I could have been doing in a Redskins uniform.

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