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The good thing was that your Virtual Locker Room reporter wasn't deluged with questions. The bad thing was that your VLR reporter wasn't deluged with questions. Still, there were some interesting queries posed and some good information gathered.

Danny Wuerffel's kickoff created quite a buzz.

From an unidentified Club Member: "Ask Wuerffel what went through his head when he was told he would kick"

Wuerffel: "I hadn't done it in a while. I just kicked it as best I could."

The subject came up in some other interview sessions as well.

Darrell Green: "I didn't even know he kicked"

Jon Jansen: "I'm not going to talk about any of the kicking game."

Fred Smoot: "I can't be mad at nobody. I'm loving Wuerffel. It was a hell of a kick for a guy who hasn't kicked since we've been in training camp. I loved every bit of it."

Steve Spurrier: "I think (Wuerffel) kicked a little bit in high school. I said, ‘Why didn't you take a running start?' I thought he was going to take a running start and kick it as hard as he could for as long as he could. He just kicked a nice little soft one and they ran it past midfield.

Terry and Punishment both had questions for Marvin Lewis about the coverage on David Boston:

Lewis: "He made one play and that was a 34-yard completion on cover one. Other than that, we played pretty good. Freddie (Smoot) missed a play in the end zone, he caught a touchdown pass. That's the way it goes."

Smoot: "I feel I did alright by me standards. I let some plays slip through my hands like the stop and go he got me on, I feel like I let it slip because I shouldn't have failed, should have had my eye on his feet, I should have made that play. But when two guys get together, there's going to be some plays on both sides."

Carnack asked a question that got to your VLR reporter well after he had left the stadium, but by holding an envelope to his temple, the scribe was able to discern the question before it was even asked and make sure that it was answered. "What was the situation with the late contested call on Plummer's fumble?"

Spurrier: "Just got it in late. Nobody said to challenge until they were lining up to punt. Jamie pitched it out, but it was too late."

Your VLR reporter wanted to know what the Ballcoach and the members of the offensive line had to say about running the no-huddle offense.

Spurrier: "Like I told Jon Jansen and our offensive guys, I've done it every opening game my whole coaching career, so why not this one. It's pretty good if you can audible everything and it gives you a little extra time if you need to change the play. Shane was very comfortable in there and we executed some plays. If you execute plays it's smart to run the no-huddle, if you're three and out, it's not so smart."

Jansen: "You know what, it doesn't matter to me. Especially on a day like today, we've got a bunch of guys up there who are in shape, we've got a lot of guys to rotate in and out, receivers and running backs. As long as we're moving the ball, I don't care how we're doing it.

Chris Samuels: "I was a little tired out there. But it worked, though, we had a lot of guys out there confusing the defense. We did a pretty good job, in my opinion."

Brenden Stai: "It's one of those things that I love to do. They're not expecting it. They were gasping. It doesn't allow them to change their personnel and that's to our advantage."

Any confusion on the calls, Brenden, considering you're been with the team for just over a week?

Stai: "No, I was pretty impressed with myself."

Other notable quotes picked up by your VLR reporter:

Green "We won the game. We did some things positive, we did some things negative, we just have to truck along."

Stai: "I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with some brains."

Spurrier: "Philly's a lot better—I think will be a little bit better team than the Cards." Rich Tandler, your VLR reporter, is the author of The Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games. For a preview of this unique book about the history of the Redskins, go to

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