They said What?

A lot was said after yesterday's opening win against the former NFC East rivals the Arizona Cardinals. The Redskins won the game 31-23. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

THEY SAID WHAT? Redskins WR Rod Gardner: ''Every game last year I was always worried about not messing up. But this year I'm just going out with confidence. I'm understanding defenses more and more. Going out there and catching balls, I'm not worried about that anymore. Last year I was just a little nervous since it was my first year.''

Redskins RB Stephen Davis: ''I didn't buy into [those who doubted Washington would run] because he wants to win championships. And you have to be able to do both.''

Redskins RT Jon Jansen: ''We do have a terrific passing attack and as long as we keep the quarterback standing up and opening holes for Stephen, it will be tough to defend us.''

Jansen: ''I'd give us a grade of a six or seven [on a scale of 1-10]. We didn't make big mistakes, but in the context they could have been big mistakes.''

Redskins WR Derrius Thompson on starting: ''This morning I was a little nervous. Once I got to the locker room I was OK. I thought a lot about what I'd one through in the three years since I've been here. There was a lot of emotion.''

Thompson: ''There will still be a lot of doubters. If we go out and make those plays against the Eagles [Monday night], then people will believe.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington: ''I'm not unhappy, I'm just displeased. We got physically whipped too many times. I thought we played like a .500 club. The offense picked up the slack for us. We need to improve a whole lot.''

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier: ''Right before the game I was talking to Marvin Lewis and I asked him how many years this was for him in the NFL. He said, '11'. I said, 'Well, you're sort of use to this locker room/pre-game' and he said, 'Coach, you never get used to it.' I spent 12 years at Florida and the 12th year before a big game we all had jitters and anticipation. But once the game started I was there calling plays and getting mad when we did something careless, cheering for the guys and just coaching.''

Spurrier: ''It's easy to call run plays when you're making yards. When you don't make yards, it's hard to call it. They were making yards today and probably one of the reasons we got a lot of runs in.''

Spurrier: ''Shane had a very nice performance. There are some plays he could have played better, but on a lot of them he played very well. He hung in there and made a lot of nice throws. We made some third downs. He played well, good enough for us to win certainly. He got a game ball. We gave out four or five game balls.''

Spurrier: ''Our fans got loud. A lot of pro stadiums you don't hear quite the noise level we had today and I really believe that was helpful. I appreciate the fans doing their part.''

Spurrier: ''Rod is a talent. When the ball hits his hands, it sticks.''

Spurrier on the no-huddle: ''We've run that on every opening game, so why not this one?''

Redskins WR coach Steve Spurrier, Jr.,: ''I always thought Rod had good hands. He's talented and he has a chance to have a big year.''

Redskins QB Shane Matthews: ''Rod ran a post route and I tried to freeze the safety and throw it over his head. Rod, with his size, shielded the defender. That was all Rod Gardner. I had nothing to do with that.''

Matthews: ''If we get the running game going, we'll be hard to stop.''

Matthews on Spurrier talking in the headset: ''Sometimes he'd leave his hand on the button and I'd hear everyone screaming and yelling. I couldn't hear myself talk.''

Arizona DT Marcus Bell: ''We knew coming in that Stephen Davis was too good of a running back for him not to touch the ball. The ability for them to get him going early in the third quarter opened up the passing game and it was reflected when they ended up scoring.''

Bell: ''We didn't anticipate the no-huddle.''

Arizona CB Duane Starks, on Gardner's TD catch: ''I give him a lot of credit. He put his body between myself and the ball. He came up with the ball and I did not.''

Starks on Matthews: ''He played very well, poised and didn't panic. He just came out and played. He's going to be a good quarterback.''

Arizona coach Dave McGinnis: ''Shane did a nice job of finding open people. We did a good job at confusing him at times, but when we started doing that they started working Stephen Davis on us. Then we had to drop out of coverage, bringing the eighth man down and that's when they started finding the middle on us. What we needed was a stop. We never did get a stop early in the third quarter and that's when we needed it.''

Redskins CB Fred Smoot on his trash talking with WR David Boston: ''There was a lot of trash talking. Believe me, I'm someone who talks on every play. The ref comes over and tells me,' Stop beating on him.' But who do you think is beating on who? I weigh 185 and this man is 290!''

Spurrier on Danny Wuerffel's kickoff: ''He kicked a little bit in high school. I said, 'Why didn't you take a running start?' I thought he was going to take a running start and kick it as hard as he could and as low as he could. He kicked a nice little soft one and they ran it past midfield. [The kicking] game could have cost us the game, but fortunately it didn't. We'll have another kicker in here next week.''

Redskins CB Darrell Green on taking a swipe at Boston: ''This business is not for wimps. Obviously, after the game we laugh and talk, but in the heat of the battle, you battle.''

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