Game balls and Goats!

Every week after the game the WarpathInsiders will ask you who you thought deserved the game ball, and who deserved the goat. We will run the post until mid-day the day after the game, and then lock it down. We will take your answers and they will be published right here! I actually gave Rod Gardner the game ball for obvious reasons, but gave Danny Wuerffel the goat for his kick, but I now retract that and give my goat to Conway.

Gardner or Davis on the bout Smoot for the goat.

Hero: Three way tie Gardner / Mathews / Davis
Goat: Smoot / Terrell. They had rough days. Tough assignment to cover Boston for Smoot though.
Also, Wuerful's kick actually wasn't pathetic for a squib. Our coverage was awful. How can you not cover the sideline when the ball angles that way?

Smoot sure did turn in some plays that could earn him the goat. but he was up against Boston just as much as Champ was and "Steroid" Boston is a beast....he's going to win some just as much as Champ or Smoot.
Conway is the ONLY one worthy of the goat award. No one even came close to that suckatude level.
I'd say mathews for game ball. at one point he was 17-27 first half, and 9-10 in the second..., 3 td's, 1 pick. and he had a few more passes after that.
The pick was a bounce off of Stai's helmet so bad luck there.

Gotta be Davis and Mathews producing for the game ball. This was a game in which both showed up to play without a heck of a lot of help from the OL.
While the OL did okay, they hardly dominated out there. Lots of errors by the OL with both Jansen and Samuals picking up bad penaltys at bad times. They slip by for the collective goat award...
If my man Marvin feels Smoots play deserves an ass-chewing on the sidelines so do I . He was the only guy to allow a significant play in the endzone all game. Fred is the goat.

NCrdskin Fan
GAME BALLS : Shane.. Davis .. Gardner and WR core who scored the points..
GOATS : kicking team & that HORRID pass rush !

Game ball goes to Stephen Davis. He caught balls well, ran well, got us going in the 2nd half with some nice runs. Matthews and Gardner get honorable mentions.
Goat definitely was Smoot. He looked awful out there and needs to keep the smack to a minimum when he's getting burned every other play. Should've had Champ on Boston and doubled him up every passing down. That was ridiculous - I know Boston will get his catches, but I thought our D would play much better than they did. Where was LaVar?

Game Ball: Davis
Goat: Conway (Who will be on a bus out of town about 15 minutes from now)

Offensive Game Ball goes to Matthews & Davis. Gardner had a big day too, matching Boston Stat wise.
Defensive Game Balls go to Jessie Armstead and Bruce Smith.
Goat: Smoot. Aweful game. Conway too. They must find a kicker that can reach the end zone. We can't keep giving teams the ball at the 40 on kick offs.

Conway is clearly the goat, albeit a crippled goat no doubt.
I feel that Davis and Matthews are worthy of the game ball, especially considering Matthews INT was a cheap-o one since it bounced off Stai and was then picked up by that fat D-lineman.
BTW, nice knowing you Mr. Conway - have fun walking the beltway.

Game Ball: Matthews
Goat: Bailey/Smoot

He was on a bus... the friggin guy came back again.
You can't tell me that there isn't a human being on this planet that can kick a football into the endzone.
Find someone...
He gets my goat award. (passrush takes 2nd)
Davis gets my gameball.
Gardner, Thompson, and Matthews get honorable mention.

The game ball goes to the Offensive Line, Niether Big Country or Sugar Shane could have gotten it done without the hogs, and they just started playing together, give 'em a few weeks and they wil be relly kickin' butt!
The goat is Conway, for obvious reasons.

game ball stephen davis he is a warrior did you see that hit he took got up limping and continued to play davis is TOUGH !!!!!!
goat conway you cannot allow teams that kind of field position period . if he had a leg cramp like the announcers said why not work out the cramp and get back out there .

Boogie Terp
Is crack on sale today? Smoot as goat? except for one play that's a horrible pick. I thought Smoot made a good case for all pro today, and I'm starting to think he may become the Skins' best corner. Boston is a beast and I thought Smoot played fantastic. He fell down on one play, which was a bad mistake. How many passes defensed did he have? Must have been 4 or 5.
Game balls: Spurrier, because it's his first win....
Goat: Lavar....where'd he go?
Other game balls - Davis, Armstead, Gardner, and the punt coverage team.

Rat Boy Smoot was covering Boston most of the day. And Boston torched him multiples of times. I didn't see a Pro Bowl performance from Smoot at all.
Conway got hurt, so on a kickoff, they had Wuerffel kick the ball off since Conway was hurt.
Game balls?
Matthews: 28/40, 327 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
Davis: 26, 104 yards, TD, 7 catches, 46 yards.
Gardner: 7, 131 yards, TD
Flip a coin!

Game Ball: Matthews
Goats: Mike Stock and Jim Collins

Game Ball: Stephen Davis; very close second-- Shane Matthews; pretty close third-- Rod Gardner.
Goat: Smoot.
According to ESPN and Sporting News' box scores, Arrington got credited with not one single tackle, much less a sack or anything. So I'd have to give him a second place place Goat finish (and maybe me a thrid place for talking so much before the game about how he was going to make life impossible for Jake the Plumber's Snake).
True Goatdom, to me, is attained by BOTH talking big AND playing relatively small. Conway just got injured. Smoot apparently said the offense only needed seven points (never saw the direct quote or context) and Arrington set the bar high with talk of defensive player of the year (still possible). I was one who made a lot of noise about Stephen Davis possibly not getting used. I did say I hoped he got 20 touches pass and run... but he ended up with 33 and 150 yards production. Fortunatley I don't bet on such things... being a goat is one thing, a stupid goat is another.
RedClaw gets my vote for most entertaining goat.

Game ball for me is a virtual tie between Matthews, Davis, and Gardner, with Matthews slightly ahead. Just a super performance by all 3.
Goat goes collectively to the pass rushers. If we repeat that performance next week, McNabb will kill us.
While I wasn't thrilled with Smoot today, give the guy a break; he was going against the best receiver from last year, and I don't know of a corner who can shut Boston down...he's a total beast.

Game ball: Matthews
Goat: "7-point" Smoot
Honorable mention: Barker (silver lining of the kicking game today.)

I agree with rat that you can flip a coin with matthews, davis or gardner...maybe even spurrier for calling such a great game. all were great.
goats are conway for being hamstrung and worthless and perhaps marvin lewis. i havent seen anyone mention this, but i sure didnt like his zone coverages. why was smoot on boston for much of the time. should be bailey on boston with a safety for help. there is NO WAY that we should have seen terrell covering him those couple/few times when boston was passed off in zone coverage. thats just retarded. you have your best cb on him tight and that is champ. give champ some rest once in a while with smoot, but shouldnt be mostly smoot and that zone crap.

The O and the D. I do believe it was a team effort in both cases.
Game ball- No doubt, Shane Matthews. Silenced a lot of critics including me, though I'm still not totally on him he looked solid yesterday. Gardner, Stephen Davis and Jeremiah Trotter also worthy.
Goat- Obviously Conway. I like Brett but it's time to show him the door and bring in a real kicker, the question is who?

Goat: Conway
gameball: S. Davis, some 150 total yards. without even playing a good deal during the preseason.

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