5 questions with: Shawn Barber

Weakside linebacker Shawn Barber and LaVar Arrington hoped to play together a long time. They didn't. Washington opted for Jessie Armstead this past offseason, leaving Barber out of a job. Eventually he signed a one-year deal with the Eagles. Sunday, he had a solid start in Philadelphia's 27-24 loss to Tennessee, finishing with seven tackles, one interception and two fumble recoveries--nearly matching his turnover totals in his last two full seasons in Washington.

Q: Will it be an emotional game for you Monday?
A: I won't get emotional because I'm playing Washington. I get emotional any time I play. Coming off an injury, I realize how much I missed the game. I didn't realize that until it was time to play, so I was emotional last week when I played.

Q: But you'll be at your old stadium, facing your buddies. Won't that make for something more?
A: My preparation is the same. I make sure I'm doing the right things and in position to make plays. It will be good to see LaVar and the rest of the players and to see some of the fans. Washington has one of the biggest season-ticket holders. You get attached to them. I'll look in the far end zone for the guy with the Red Redskins shirt telling everyone to get pumped up. I'll never forget about him.

Q: Do you have any bitterness toward the Redskins?
A: Not toward the players. I got along with everyone in the locker room and there was no ill will when I left. And I don't have any toward the front office. It's a move that needed to be made and it worked out on both sides. They ended up getting the Pro Bowl player they wanted and I ended up signing with a very aggressive defense where I can make my own plays.

Q: Why have so many ex-Redskins ended up in Philly?
A: There's been a remarkable amount of turnover in Washington. The coach they have there now will be there for a while. But in previous years there was a greaet turnover in coaches and in the amount of players. It's hard to really feel like you're a team because you had to start over every year. I always felt like I was going to a new team, though it was still in Washington. I wanted more stability and that's one of the things I've found here.

Q: Do you hope to sign a long-term deal with Philly?
A: I hope so. That's always your plan. If it doesn't happen then hopefully I'll make enough plays and do enough things to sign a long-term deal somewhere else. The thing I've proven is that I have the ability to learn new systems very quickly. My first game went as planned. I was hoping for one more big play so we could have sealed the game. But when I came out making plays, I held up my end of the bargain.

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