Draft Talk

Here's what we're hearing about the Redskins draft:

1. The Redskins really don't want to trade away anything in next year's draft to move up this year. That's not to say they won't, but we've heard for a while that Joe Gibbs is warming to the idea of the importance of draft picks. Gibbs said the other day that he wants a full draft next year, and we hear that's not blowing smoke. One thing we've learned about Gibbs: if he's saying it publicly, he's thinking it even more so privately.

2. They really hope Brady Quinn falls to their spot. Not that they want him, of course, but it's the one way they can trade down to pick up more picks on the first day. Sounds like there's a decent chance of that happening. If Cleveland passes on him, Quinn should be there. Sounds like there's real doubt about him.

3. There's some thought that their interest in Laron Landry is a bit of a smokescreen, trying to drum up interest in other teams (Atlanta) so they want to trade up. Experts call Landry the best defensive prospect, but we've talked to too many who say he's too much like Sean Taylor. Landry did struggle in coverage at LSU.

4. If they stay at No. 6, look for them to take Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye. There's no doubt they know they have to strengthen the line. They seem to have cooled for a while on Gaines Adams and Alan Branch is not a good pick here. He was too unproductive in college. That leaves Okoye, who would fill a big need.

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