The case for: Laron Landry

When Gregg Williams was hired, he made it clear: safety was a vital spot in his defense, more than in most. Because of his aggressive playcalling, he needed excellent safeties to clean up any mistakes.

So they drafted Sean Taylor in Williams' first year running the defense. And they signed Adam Archuleta last year. That was a mistake and now they find themselves with the chance to get another safety, one who provides big hits and sure tackling.

One NFL talent evaluator said there was ''less risk'' in Landry than other players the Redskins might want.

And NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said, ''Landry is as clean off the field as he is explosive on the field. ... If your guy is not available or you're not convinced you have the right guy, then he's the safe backup. Washington is looking defensive line first and they certainly need that, but [Landry] would be a nice addition with Sean Taylor.''

There's definitely a sense that Landry might not be the best pairing with Taylor. His strength is playing in the box and coming up with big, jarring hits. And his weakness is coverage.

The Redskins got in trouble last year because Archuleta and Taylor were not a good complement. Any mistakes by the corners were magnified by the safeties poor play.

However, Archuleta was not as good as Landry MIGHT be. And the talent evaluator said Landry is much better in coverage than Taylor. However, he also said that he's heard Landry needs an on-field mentor, or someone to direct the defense for him, and Taylor is not that guy.

Not to mention the fact that they need a defensive lineman. However, because of the money involved, the less risk a pick is, the better he is to take.

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