Yes, there is legitimacy to the stories about trade talks resuming between Washington and Chicago.

This is what we know:

1. The Bears would not make this move if they don't feel they have another trade partner, allowing them to move out of the sixth pick. Dallas reportedly could be that team. When the trade talks first started up, the Bears had no player they liked so much that they wanted to move up. But we also know that Chicago would be more inclined to do it if another team wanted to make a second trade.

2. The Bears might just be forced to make this move, getting something for Lance Briggs, who does not want to return. Bears GM Jerry Angelo did not want to make the trade earlier because he felt painted into a corner by agent Drew Rosenhaus. Had this thing been handled differently, a deal might already have happened. But, given more time to consider the move, the Bears might just want to do something now.

3. A Bears source said if no deal is reached before the draft, don't be surprised if something happens after. There's a chance Washington would trade some 2008 picks for Briggs, even though Joe Gibbs said he didn't want to use any of those picks in a deal.

4. Peter King reported that the Redskins' brass met with Ted Ginn Jr., the other night. Owner Dan Snyder said not to read too much into that, but it's hard not to. Thing is, I doubt Ginn would be there with the 31st overall pick. Also, Ginn does not provide them with what they need: a big, physical receiver. He's a better version of Antwaan Randle El, but he is raw.

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