The case for: Amobi Okoye

It's not difficult to build a case for Washington to draft Amobi Okoye. The Redskins struggled to stop the run; they lack consistent playmakers up front; and Cornelius Griffin can't stay healthy for 16 games.

Enter Okoye.

The best part about Okoye also happens to be the one that might give teams pause: he's only 19. But it can't be that big a factor considering he's a projected top-10 pick.

Okoye has outstanding upper-body strength and would provide immediate help in the tackle rotation. He's explosive and has good hands. And he had good workouts at the Senior Bowl, continuing his upward climb.

One knock on Okoye is that before the season he was projected to be a second-round pick. He now finds himself as a possible top-10 selection. For some teams, that causes a red flag to be raised. Still, he was productive this past season and he has tremendous upside.

Though there were some concerns about him getting caught up in the bright lights of the NFL, one talent evaluator said that's not a legit worry. If it was, he said, Okoye would be falling. And he's not.

Chances are, the Redskins would draft him if they traded down. But they are weak up front and if they draft a safety, they will still have problems along the line. And they know that until the line is fixed, the defense won't be right. Mel Kiper calls him a Bryant Young type. That sounds pretty good paired next to Griffin.

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