Redskins Complete Draft

On the first day of the draft, Washington sought an impact player. The Redskins hope they got it in LaRon Landry.

But the second day was all about the future and adding depth.

The Redskins wanted to bolster their linebacking core, something they've failed to do in recent off seasons despite their attempts through the draft.

They want the depth as much for special teams as anything. But they also need to develop some young linebackers. Khary Campbell and Lemar Marshall likely will be the primary backups.

FIFTH ROUND: USC linebacker Dallas Sartz. The Redskins like his versatility; he not only played weakside linebacker, but he also played safety. That type of athleticism should help special teams if nothing else. And because of that athleticism, he might be well-suited for a strongside spot where he could cover tight ends. His father played football at Oregon State and his grandfather was a Golden Gloves boxer.

SIXTH ROUND: Pitt linebacker H.B. Blades. His dad (Bennie) and uncle (Brian) both played in the NFL. But H.B. Blades did not get as many of the physical gifts as those two. He's built more like London Fletcher, but if he turns out like Fletcher the 'Skins would be ecstatic. Blades was highly productive and played at a major school; those are two qualities the Redskins love. But Blades is not overly fast and is not known for his coverage skills, so he could be rather limited. He is tough and smart, which, as with Sartz, could make him a strong special teamer.

SIXTH ROUND: UTEP quarterback Jordan Palmer. Another guy with bloodlines as his brother, Carson, plays for the Bengals. But some experts wonder if Jordan Palmer would have even been drafted if his last name were Smith. He is not known for a strong, or accurate, arm. So, at best, he's probably a practice squad candidate. He did start for three and a half years in college. He does work hard.

SEVENTH ROUND: Michigan tight end Tyler Ecker. The Redskins wanted someone who can block on the line, allowing them to use Mike Sellers more as a backfield blocker. They have Sellers, Chris Cooley and Todd Yoder, but they need a fourth one at this spot. Depending on the reports, Ecker either has good hands or bad hands, which means he's probably inconsistent at best. But he likely would just be a blocker anyway, at least initially. He's bulked up to 269 pounds, which is good. Another weakness was an inability to finish off blocks. He's a major project, but he does have a good upside.

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