Keeping Trotter in line

The Redskins like linebacker Jeremiah Trotter. They also want to keep him in line. So, during a preseason game against Pittsburgh, Redskins defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis yanked him for one play.

But Lewis said, disputing a televised report, that he never considered benching Trotter beyond the one play. And especially not in the Arizona game.

''That was one thing in a game from, what three or four weeks ago?'' Lewis said.

When someone said that people sometimes say stupid things--meaning the benching might last beyond that--Lewis said, ''They sure do.''

What upset Lewis was that Trotter ended up freelancing on one assignment, putting others in bad spots.

''We got it corrected,'' Lewis said. ''Discipline is the number one thing in any defense. You can't have 11 guys running all over the place. A guy who's not giving everything with his responsibility has to be accountable to the rest of the players.''

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