Rookie Mini-Camp: Day 1

First-round pick LaRon Landry made a nice break on a ball, intercepting a downfield pass from quarterback Sam Hollenbach.

But this is what makes Landry different: he wasn't pleased.

''I could have come out of my break faster,'' he said.

He wasn't joking.

...Quarterback Jordan Palmer threw a nice out to tight end Jamaal Lewis. Palmer has a pretty good arm, which he also showed on a slant pass to receiver Terry Mitchell, and a strong work ethic. He could be worth sticking around on the practice squad, but he has to improve his accuracy. For what it's worth, Palmer wants to go into real estate investing. He turned a $70,000 profit on a house he bought in El Paso as a freshman.

...Special teams coach Danny Smith to Curtis Lilly after Lilly let a ball slip through his fingers while he worked as a holder:

''You're trying to get me out of here before we even have a game.''

...Six year veteran running back Derrick Blaylock is in camp. Though he's clearly not a rookie, he's allowed to participate because he had been released and is a free agent. He has not signed a contract.

...Trainer Bubba Tyer will attend the funeral Saturday for former Redskins linebacker Kevin Mitchell. Others in the building would like to, but it's a few hours away in Harrisburg and they have responsibilities here. Mitchell was well-liked.

...Receiver Steven Harris hurt the MCL in his left knee and was scheduled to undergo an MRI on Friday. That could be a tough break for a hard-working kid.

...Tight end Tyler Ecker is the stereotypical midwesterner, constantly saying he'll do whatever the team asks him to do. Gets old after a while, but for him it's fresh. One thing, though. Some reports said he had bulked up to 269 pounds. That's not true; he said today he's still at 244. And, of course, he'll do what he's asked.

...The brother of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is at Redskins Park this weekend. Byron Westbrook is a corner from Division III Salisbury.

...Fifth-round pick, linebacker Dallas Sartz, also had an interception on a pass over the middle.

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