Joe Gibbs: Press Conference

Joe Gibbs took questions from the media today. Here is a transcript:

On Sean Taylor and Shawn Springs not being at OTA’s:

“I have had no contact with Sean Taylor. I am not aware of anything there. With Shawn Springs, we talked this off-season a lot. We made our decision on how we are going to proceed this year. We are going to go ahead with our normal situation contractually. We had a sit down with him in Phoenix two weeks ago. We thought we were in good shape. The coaches were talking with him. Then all of the sudden we lost contact. It is something that can happen up here. We will just have to work through it. We will have to see how it works out with those two guys. My focus has been on everyone that has been here.”

On how disappointed he is that Sean Taylor and Shawn Springs aren’t at OTA’s:

“Obviously it is disappointing. We want everyone here. As everyone knows it can happen. You just have to work your way through it.”

On what he likes about the group of guys that have been at OTA’s:

“We have an enthusiastic group. All of us were really disappointed last year. We have guys here that care about the team. We have some very good leaders. I lean on them and all of us want to start off with a good tempo. I think this group is a hard working group and they want to do something special this year. We will see what happens.”

On Santana Moss:

“He had a little strain in the groin area. That is always a concern because no matter how hard they work out or what their running program is, it is always different when you get out there and start bursting for a ball. ”

On Jason Campbell:

“He has worked extremely hard. They have lengthy meetings every day with the coaches. He has been on the field working on things. It has definitely made a difference. The players noticed it and the coaches noticed it. Generally you don’t do hard things unless you have done great preparation. He has really paid the price this off season. He is quicker. He is much more confident. He is just more comfortable.”

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