Jason Campbell: Press Conference

Jason Campbell took questions from the media today. Here is a transcript:

On how he has improved since last season:

“(I just) feel a year older, a year older in the system. I understand the plays a lot better and I’m able to go through more of the progressions than probably a year ago because of the time and effort put into studying the plays. Coach Saunders and Coach Lazor have done a great job in helping me learn all the plays and making sure we put ourselves in position to win games.”

On whether he has more of a chemistry with his receivers now than this time last year:

“Game experience is something you can’t teach or learn from practice. You have to get it by playing the games. In playing those last seven games the more I continued to play the more comfortable I got with the guys around me and getting that game-speed experience.”

On his offseason:

“Every day you want to come out and get better in some aspect or some area. Each day we are running different plays and a different style offense so each time you try to conquer that offense and master what coach wants you to master for that day. It’s a one day process and you take everything in and try to build a whole offense together.”

On if he sees an improvement in himself:

“During the offseason you try to put in a lot of work to help put yourself into position to be successful. We have all the ability and all the talent around us that we need to win games. So right now we are trying to come together. Usually, it’s the second year when guys really buy into the whole offense. They’re not guessing that to do, they know what to do because we’ve all had a year of experience in it.”

On his wide receivers:

“They’re doing a great job running routes. The only thing I’m trying to do is keep working because those guys have such abilities to make plays after the catch that I just want to do everything I can to get the ball into their hands so they have the ability to make plays.”

On the mood of the team after the first week of OTA’s:

“We’re practicing with a lot of energy and a lot of fun. You can come out here and play the game of football with a lot of energy and a lot of fun and it can carry over for you.”

On Clinton Portis calling him the perfect weapon for this offense:

“I’m just going to continue to keep work, continue to keep playing. You can tell everyone has learned the offense a lot better this season because we’ve been in it. It’s been a big progress.”

On if his teammates treat him as the starter:

“They treat me with a lot of respect. We have a very respectful team. We try and treat everyone right. Coach Gibbs does a great job of bringing us together. He’s told us what we need to do to win this year and what we have to do to improve in each area: offense, defense and special teams. All the guys have to take it with a grain of salt and come out here and grind.”

On if he’s being more of a vocal leader:

“You try to be yourself. That’s all you can be. If it’s being vocal sometimes or just leading by example, whatever you feel comfortable with and makes everything go.”

On what to expect from the offense this year:

“One thing we want to do this year is move the ball and stay consistent. Last year we had a lot of spurts where we’d go up and down the field 80 yards and get into the red zone and we’d stall. We just have to finish our drives and manage the game.”

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