A lot was said after last night's Monday night massacre against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Redskins lost big in front of a national audience. the score 37-7. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''We got clobbered. Philly outplayed us, outcoached and did everything. I apologize to Redskins fans. We had a full house here tonight. They were screaming, yelling and ready to do something. [The Eagles] beat us every which way.''

Spurrier, ''I've had my butt kicked before so it's not the first time. Everyone in the locker room has before, so we're not going to be shell-shocked. Sometimes it helps to lose, I don't know why. You realize you're not near as good as you think you are.''

Spurrier, ''They completely shut us down. We got no turnovers. We made a few first downs, but nothing much.''

Spurrier, ''There are some areas where we could be stronger, but I won't blame this on the players. We were all bad tonight.''

Redskins WR Rod Gardner, ''We tried to throw the ball but they sat back in a zone, made it difficult on Shane to make a perfect read. A lot of times we were covered, the safety would drop back deep and we just had to fight. We just couldn't get into a rhythm.''

Redskins LB Jessie Armstead, ''If we sit back and cry about this one, next week we'll be on our backs before you know it. You've got to be able to take a punch. A fighter can take a punch, come back and give one. We took a big punch tonight. You can lay on the canvas or get back up and keep on fighting.''

Redskins returner Jacquez Green, ''It was a dismal day. I wish I could have performed like that in a win, but hopefully it will give us something to build on for special teams.''

Redskins LB Jeremiah Trotter, ''It's tough. I really took this game personally. I really wanted to come out and beat these guys. Sometimes things don't work out the way you planned, but you have to pick your head up and continue the fight.''

Redskins SS Sam Shade, ''They were prepared big time. It seemed like they were ready to play and we seemed like we did not come in like the Redskins. They were spreading us out which seems to be the in thing.''

Redskins DT Dan Wilkinson, ''Against Donovan if you only rush four guys, you'll always be left short. He has the ability to find the open lane. We didn't do a good job of keeping him corralled.''

Eagles coach Andy Reid, ''The bottom line would be to play aggressive against the Redskins. We played hard and it showed. I can't give away all the secrets because we play them again.''

Eagles DE Hugh Douglas, ''48 is a hell of a runner, man, and I don't know why they didn't run him more. But when he did run he really gashed us.''

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