Five Questions with: Pierson Prioleau

See what is going on with the Redskins' once projected starter at Safety.

Q: Where are you at physically?

A: I'm able to do as much as I want to do and as much as the trainers want me to do. We're still being smart about it; it's still early in the game. But I feel real good. If there was a game tomorrow, I feel I could play but I don't want to rush so there are no setbacks.

Q: Did it bother you that they drafted a safety?

A: That's a natural progression of the business. They bring guys in here and they make a decision on what position they need to upgrade. I still go out to prepare as if I'm playing and to get the next guy ready to play. If he's the starting safety it's because he worked his butt off and he's ready to play. It's not because of anything else; I trust and believe that.

Q: How hard was last year for you?

A: It was very devastating and a disappointing incident. At the beginning of the year, the hopes were high; I had a lot of lofty goals for myself and the team. The injury left me unable to perform and to get through the season.

Q: Was it hard not to be part of the process?

A: I tried to stay busy and tried to stay as much a part of the team as I could. I'd watch the game as if I were playing the game, but I felt like an outsider because I didn't have a responsibility on the field anymore. It leaves me with a special hunger for next season.

Q: Which safety spot are you working at more?

A: I'm like a chameleon. The first thing I said when they signed me here was that I'm Mr. Versatility. I don't want to label myself to one spot and then limit myself and my abilities. I want them to count on me to fit in where they want me to.

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