A big thanks to Redskins WR Chris Doering for taking the time to discusss his views on the season, and for being a good sport facing the fans after the Monday Night Football massacre. Enclosed is the chat transcript for those that didn't make the chat and for those that just want to relive the experience.

ChrisDoering : Hi everyone. Don't be too rough, but I can handle it! I'm ready for questions at any time.

Rat Boy : Chris, what is the overall mood of the team after last night?

ChrisDoering : Well, we haven't had any formal meetings since the game because we had the day off. But guys are pretty disappointed with the effort, but we're also enthused to get back at it tomorrow and prove that the team they saw last night isn't the real Redskins.

alagator : Chris, what do you think was the biggest breakdown offensively?

ChrisDoering : Offensively there were times when we moved the ball, but we had crucial mistakes at crucial times, whether it was penalties or sacks or call backs on good screens. But they had a good plan for us and once we got down two touchdowns it made it harder to come back.

RedskinDude : Hey Chris, I know this may not be your department, but what did you think about the defense last night? Did you think the LBs should've blitzed? Did you think the CBs should've played M2M?

ChrisDoering : To be honest I didn't get a chance to watch a lot of what went on on defense. I know they hit some big plays and had long drives as well, but the offenses responsibilty is to put drives together to keep the defense off the field. When you keep putting them on the field as much as we did it's a tough position to be in. I don't know the Xs and Os of what they were doing, but we could have kept them out of some bad positions.

JustinV : What is the diference between the QB's and who throws the hardest ball?

ChrisDoering : They're very similar quarterbacks. Both are well-coached and they know what audibles to get to and good at reading coverages. Shane has more experience as a starter, but they're very similar. Shane has a stronger arm than Danny, but Danny always doesnt look the best in practice but steps it up a notch in game time. Patrick obviously has the best arm of any of the quarterbacks. He's really anxious to learn and he has two good guys to bring him along. But it's a little early for him to go in. I'm glad he didn't have to go in last night. But I think he'll be good down the road.

AirSOS96 : Do you think DW can qb in this league? And do you think after you guys were down they just pinned their ears back and came after him? Which made the qb look worse than it was?

ChrisDoering : I do think he can be. Danny has all the skills to be a quarterback in this league. He's in a good situation in this offense and everyone has seen him play well. For the most part everyone expected him to be the starter until that New England game. It's funny how fickle people can be sometimes. When Danny was in there he had a lot less time to throw than even Shane did, which wasn't a lot at times. On one third down I had a route where I ran downt he side and broke out. By the time I was breaking out he was getting hit and it wasn't that long so there were some protection issues. It was like throwing gasoline on the fire.

Doggmatica : Chris, how would you describe the atmosphere at Fed Ex? What is it like compared to the Swamp?

ChrisDoering : Fed Ex is great, espeically last night. In that first quarter and after Quez ran that touchdown back it was very reminiscent of playing in the swamp. The fans here are knowledgeable like they are in the swamp. Both sets of fans are pretty rabid. It's the closest stadium that I've played in in the pros to being like a college atmosphere and that's a neat thing to say.

Bleachers : Chris, it was wonderful watching you light it up through the pre-season, and I think you seem to be poised to make a great contribution to this offense. Do you have personal goals for the year in terms of catch or yards? What do you need to accomplish for this to be a successful year for you?

ChrisDoering : I try not to focus on numbers so much because it's not up to me how often and how many plays I'm in in certain situations. It's a vanilla statement, but I try to win every play I'm in. Some games I'll have a chance to catch five or six passes or in other situatoins it's zero. You can't control how many balls are thrown my way, but my goal is to catch every ball thrown my way. For it to be successful year I've had so many issue [msg continues in 20 secs with feeling like I was close to having a chance to play a lot then being inactive or getting hurt. So first of all we have to win games and I want to contribute by being a good practice player, I want to contribute in the game making big catches whether it's on third down or other plays. I want to come in and make plays when we need a big play.

powerpro : Chris, who talks the most smack on offense, and was he quiet today?

ChrisDoering : It's so hard to say who talks the most smack on offense because you get drowned out by Smoot on the other side of the ball. There's not a lot of trash talking offensively. You leave that to the defense. On offense you have to play on less emotion than the defense. But we were all quiet today.

Bleachers : We have seen you make some outstanding one-handed circus catches. Is that something you practice or just a God given talent? How would you coach a young player to make those tough catches?

ChrisDoering : To be honest I never practice one-handed catches because that's something you use in a worst case scenario. I always try to catch everything with two hands. One of the things I was given was being able to catch the ball, but I practice quite a bit on watching the ball with both hands and tucking it away. When you get in the habit of doing that, when you get stuck in a siutation that concnetration will help you overcome it. Sometimes they stick and you look good.

LA56 : Chris, I've heard Coach Spurrier say that his receivers run their routes a little different than other offenses. What does he mean by that?

ChrisDoering : A lot of offenses want you to get to the spots and roll into your cuts. In this offense we like to be precise. You want to put your foot in the ground and separate at the right step. In other offenses you won't see people worry about getting precise depth.

cartwright40 : 1. what do you do to prepare for a game the week before? and will spurrier teach you how to do that lip thing?! that was hilarious

ChrisDoering : That was crazy! Obviously there's a lot of film study to figure outwhat a defense will do against you and where you can take advantage of some of their schemes. I really try to catch some extra balls during the week and try to study to make sure I know every position and what we're going to do in case I have to go in anywhere. I ask a lot of questions and prepare myself for any possible scenario. During an average practice day you watch 2-3 hours worth of film. That's a good amount, especially now when guys have only played 1 or 2 games. You see the same stuff over and over again until you get a good feel for it.

CounterTrey : whats general feeling around redkins there shellshock or does the team seem to be hunkering down with a bunker mentality? games like that seem to be major momentum breakers or makers

ChrisDoering : The game was very frustrating and embarrassing for us all, being on the main stage. But one thing I was impressed with was on the sidelines toward the end of the game talking about it being a long season and how we have to get ready for San Fran. In the locker room it came up again about how we have a long way to go. In that regard I was impressed with the resolve a lot of the guys seemed to have.

AirSOS96 : What is your prediction for the UF vs Tenn game? And do they former Gator players talk about playing at florida anytime?

ChrisDoering : This week it's a tough task to go up to Knoxville and get a win there. But this team like our team last night, where we're not as bad as we might have looked. Florida isn't as bad as they looked against Miami. I think they'll bounce back. And it's always been cool to me, guys who played at Florida have it different than guys at other schools. Any time we get together,we get pictures taken after the game and reminisce about Florida stuff. And a lot of guys train together in the offseason. It's a bond that Florida players have.

Jurgyfan : Chris, some of you WR teammates have said after recent games that they were confused because the defenses differed from their film study. Why do you think our guys couldn't adjust?

ChrisDoering : I haven't heard that, but what you do going into the game is look at what teams have done in the past and see how defenses play in those situations. We'll run into this a lot this year--teams game planning us differently because we do different things. We have to get used to making adjusments on the run. We have to recongnize it and get some plays on for whatever they're going to bring us. Maybe the closest team to watch to how people play them is St. Louis. We watched the Philly game last year and they played us diferently than they did the Rams. It is tough because there's no precedent to see how teams will play us. We're forging into new territory.

skinsking : Great hands Chris...What is it about Spurrier's coaching that you as a player like the most ?

ChrisDoering : There are several things. I like the way he coaches the QBs and receivers in a hands on manner. He pays a lot of attention to coachaing the receivers to run precise routes and how to get open. I made it in the NFL because of what I learned for him in college. I like that he's a competitor and takes chances. Sometimes you get beat, but a lot of times we'll be on the other end of the stick.

LA56 : It looked like Philly's defensive backs were jumping and undercutting some of our receiver's routes last night? Is that a fair assessment, and if so, what do you attribute it to?

ChrisDoering : Whoever made that was either at the game or does a good job watching it on TV. They did that a lot. They tried to make us release inside and undercut the in-routes. they had a good plan on. It's tough when they're playing that way to run a lot of the routes that we like to hit. They did a good job of getting on those in-cutting routes....Bye everyone. Thanks for the good questions. Thanks for everyone supporting the Redskins and taking part in the chat tonight. And remember to support the Ronald McDonald House! We have a golf tournament in Gainesville, Fla., And we have a formal dinner and auction in D.C. on the 15th of November. Shane, DAnny and Darrell Green and Bryan Johnson should be there. CAll the Redskins for more information at 703-726-7000. Bye!

Stephan : Whoa can't let you off that easy..what is your Sunday prediction

ChrisDoering : What would be your guess for my prediction!

Rat Boy : Thanks for your time Chris! We really appreciated it man. I think that you think the Skins will beat the 49ers.

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