Monday night's debacle might actually turn into something good. At least that's what two veterans say--if, that is, a few people learned a lesson. One offensive player said he thought the 37-7 loss would be beneficial if coach Steve Spurrier realized that you can't approach these games like he did in college. They can't just come out and fire away regardless of the opponent

This player said the Redskins could have, and should have, run the ball on the Eagles. That's where their weakness was and that's what the Redskins do best. Instead, Spurrier fired away with the pass.

Even Eagles corner Bobby Taylor said, ''Sometimes teams kind of put different wrinkles in, but they were doing the same things they showed on film and we were able to make plays.''

The veteran wasn't irked at Spurrier, just hopeful that he learned his lesson. If he did, the vet said, it'll pay off.

The same is true defensively. One veteran pointed out how young the Redskins' defense is (average age of the starters is 26.2, excluding 39-year-old Bruce Smith). Some young players might have forgotten how they need to approach the game, starting to revel in their hype a bit too much. He wouldn't give names, but it's not hard to guess which players he's talking about.

He also said certain players needed to realize that they can't do it by themselves. If they're not doing what they're supposed to, the Redskins will get beat. And if it took a pounding to make certain players realize that, then, again, it'll be worth it. If not . . .well, this player didn't want to think about it.

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