Redskins Mini Camp: Day 3 Review

Here are some of the happenings at the Redskins' camp from Sunday, June 17th.

...Jason Campbell had another strong day and should head into the final six weeks before training camp feeling pretty good. Today, on one pass, he pumped short then completed a deep out to Mike Espy for a long gain, prompting Al Saunders to shout, "Great throw Jason! Great throw!" Another time, Campbell hit Antwaan Randle El with a long pass over the middle. The pass traveled 50 yards in the air and Randle El turned it into an 80-yard gain, beating Fred Smoot. It made him quiet, something that rarely happens.

...Fight! Fight! OK, it was just a minicamp dustup, but anything to keep us interested. Jon Jansen and Kedric Golston got tangled up and wound up on the ground, with a crowd of players around. Remember: these two got into it during last summer. Both are fiesty and play hard, which means there will probably be another battle this summer.

...Not impressed with Jason Fabini at left guard, at least not in the handful of occasions that we watched him. Got pushed back too easily.

...Shawn Springs missed his third straight day of the minicamp as he tended to his newborn son. Apparently, there were still complications, but we don't know the seriousness of it.

...Rookie receiver Carl Berman made a terrific diving catch of a Jordan Palmer pass, a deep out. Berman is from Indiana State.

...Rookie LaRon Landry was again a non-participant, thanks to his paintball injury.

...Safety Sean Taylor does indeed look slimmer. What that means we have no idea. We are tired of predicting this is The Year that he breaks out. But he does look good and he does cover a lot of ground in the defensive backfield. He'll also probably be put in better position to create turnovers this year.

...Randy Thomas watched the O-line go through its drills on this 90-plus degree day. He wore all black. That wasn't the smartest thing considering the heat. That said, we stood on the turf during the workout and that wasn't exactly wise, though it did give us a better vantage point. It's our sacrifice for you.

...Coach Joe Gibbs said he expects all players to be ready for the start of training camp on July 27. That means the injured players shoudl be fine by then.

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