Arrington Fine, But Career Isn't

We'll start with the obvious: we're glad that LaVar Arrington, based on reports, will be OK. Hard to believe how the Arrington story is going to end and what could have possibly been.

Arrington had his diva-ish moments, but he was usually engaging, well-spoken and fun. In my time covering the Redskins, few have been more popular. He's someone who seems to truly love his wife and children, something that can't always be said.

Arrington is lucky and he'll be able to be a good dad and husband for many years. That's very important to him, more so than football.

But his motorcycle accident today is another reminder of how much his career has turned in the last few years.

Could you have imagined this four years ago: Arrington out of football by the 2007 season? There's no way anyone would have believed that would be possible.

But then a knee injury and a grudge match with his coaches and then an Achilles injury have left Arrington on the verge of another career.

Today's events have only served to speed up his retirement. He wasn't getting many nibbles before his accident -- people around the league have long feared him for health reasons and not because of his freelancing ways. Now, reportedly with a broken leg and a broken arm -- again, thank goodness that's all it is -- it's hard to imagine Arrington playing again.

It highlights exactly how hard it is to have a special career. Once upon a time Arrington was on the verge of one. He was a young Pro Bowl linebacker; he was popular.

Now he's out of the game. His career looks to be just about finished. And it's all just a little bit sad.

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