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Redskins make roster moves, Arrington still in the hospital, McCardell coming?

1. The Redskins sign two players.

Washington signed two guys who probably won't make the roster, but here they are: receiver Burl Toler and linebacker Matt Sinclair. Both are NFL Europa players who have had stints on practice squads in the past.

To make room, they released defensive end Joe Sykes, linebacker Zach Latimer, receiver Cedric Bonner and defensive back Brandon Register.

We're surprised by the Sykes' release; he had flashed some last summer and appeared to be a worthy candidate to at least bring to training camp. Sykes had some strong one-on-one sessions last summer against Jon Jansen, which at the time made us worry about the right tackle. But Sykes clearly did not progress to their liking.

2. LaVar Arrington still in the hospital.

The ex-Redskins linebacker had wrist surgery on Friday, first reported in the Examiner, which his agents seemingly tried to keep quiet. Why? Because it could have been an ugly result.

Sources with knowledge of his medical condition said Arrington had something called compartmental syndrome, or muscle tissue damage caused by the trauma of his motorcycle accident.

It's still a little early to tell how well his wrist will recover, but from what we hear the surgery did go very well and they caught it in time so the CS should not be an issue. His agents will deny that doctors were worried about this, but, because I know who the source is, I'm not buying it. They were 100 percent worried about it; trust us.

The bottom line, though, is that Arrington's football future is obviously in grave jeopardy -- and it was before this injury. Before he hurt his Achilles last year, many still worried about his longterm health.

3. The Redskins are interested in Keenan McCardell.

OK, that's a little old, but I'm mixed on what it means. They don't feel as if they have enough receiving depth if they want to bring him in. And he would be a good player on third down because, if nothing else, he would run the right routes.

That's what he's known for, unlike, say, Brandon Lloyd. Though Lloyd looked bigger and in excellent shape, that won't help him run better routes which was among his problems last season.

McCardell is no longer a viable No. 2 in a good passing offense, but he could be a help on third downs.

But what I leave you with is this: pray that nothing happens to Santana Moss. If he can't stay healthy, that receiving corps is in trouble.

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