Scouting the 'Skins' Receivers

John Keim breaks down the Redskins' situation at the Receiver position.

Starters: Santana Moss, Brandon Lloyd

Top backups: Antwaan Randle El, James Thrash.

Strengths: Moss is one of the more explosive, and dangerous, receivers in the NFL. He's tough and does not get enough credit for his ability to run a variety of routes. He's an excellent teammate. Lloyd looks the part; that's about it. Randle El is a decent No. 3 adn Thrash is a good No. 5 because he runs precise routes and helps on special teams.

Weaknesses: There's no legitimate No. 2 receiver and the lack of a big wideout, despite what the Redskins have said, is a problem. If this group were more productive, we would not think that way. But they aren't, so we do. Lloyd was knocked by teammates for running poor routes last year, making it hard for the QBs to trust him. He was one of the most least productive wideouts in the NFL, based on receptions and number of passes thrown to him.

Outlook: As long as Moss remains healthy, they'll be fine. He and Chris Cooley, along with the running game and Clinton Portis, are enough to power an offense. However, they'd better hope that Moss stays healthy. Lloyd has to be better than last year, right?

We're not so sure, which is why it wouldn't be bad for them to add someone such as Keenan McCardell as a reliable wideout. You'd think there would be improvement because it's the second year of this system, but Randle El is what he is, a decent and versatile No. 3 and Lloyd needs to be more precise in his route-running. He also has to become a more versatile receiver, not relying on just running fly routes. That's a lot to ask.

Better than 2006?: No. At best they'll be equal to last season.

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