Scouting the ‘Skins' Tight Ends

John Keim breaks down the Redskins' situation at Tight End.

Starters: Chris Cooley, Mike Sellers

Backups: Todd Yoder, Tyler Ecker

Strengths: The Redskins have a good mix of athletic pass-catchers in Cooley and brute strength in Sellers. Yoder is an adequate backup, able to be a serviceable blocker and capable receiver. Ecker is a rookie and reports on him from college were mixed. Some thought he might be better in the NFL than in college. Cooley has improved each season in all phases as a tight end. His route are good and he excels against zone coverage. Sellers can move piles as a blocker, especially out of the backfield.

Weaknesses: The Redskins still lack a legitimate blocking tight end, one able to help in protection especially. Cooley has improved as a blocker, but he's obviously going to go out for passes more often than not. Ecker might eventually serve in that role, but it's too early to know. Sellers is best used as a blocker in the backfield, though he's improved along the line.

Outlook: The tight ends should be solid for Washington, though we'll continue to harp on the need to add one powerhouse blocker. There's not much depth here, though Brian Kozlowski is always just a phone call away.

Better than 2006?: Yes, even though they're the same group, they should be improved because it's the second year in this system. Also, Cooley had to adjust to playing only as a tight end last year. A second year of doing that should only make him more comfortable.

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