A lot was said after yesterday's loss in the Bay area against the San Francisco 49ers. The Redskins lost with the score 20-10. We have compiled the after game quotes here for you.

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier on Danny Wuerffel, ''I thought he might revert back to his preseason form. But let's not get on him. He just made one bad mistake. [But] Danny is doing things I'm not used to seeing him do. He just chucked it down there. I don't know why, but he did. Maybe he'll return to that form in practice. But we'll coach young Patrick up.''

Spurrier, ''Everything's a concern right now. It's the whole team; don't put it all on the quarterback. . . . The penalties are a big concern. We're not good enough to make stupid careless penalties. They just beat us today, every way.''

Spurrier, ''I'm frustrated. We called our plays. They just didn't go anywhere.''

Spurrier, ''They had some good coverage and they had an excellent pass rush. Ours wasn't great. We turned it over the second play we had it and they got that play and put a little drive together to get 17. Our defense played fairly decent, except that last drive, the last seven or eight minutes of the game.''

Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, ''I don't care how good the players are and the coaches are, it takes time. Until that point, we'll have hard times. Whenever you change coaches and schemes, it takes time and that's what we're facing again. It's called growing pains. We're only 1-2; we haven't lost 15 or 16 games. [But] it seems like an eternity when you lose two games.''

Arrington on Terrell Owen's TD run, ''I got a good hit on him. And he bounced off me. I didn't expect that to happen, but he's paid make plays too.''

Arrington, ''I'm just trying to figure out what I'm doing out there. At times it bothers me. I'm coachable, so I'm not going to give anyone a problem. I just have to figure out what I'm supposed to do out there.''

Redskins defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis on Owens' run, ''Two guys had him. The other guys went to sleep.''

Redskins linebacker Jessie Armstead, ''I came here to win games. It's hard to say we're in a slump because it's only two games and it's a team effort. We're just not getting it done as a team. It's absolutely a team problem. The bye week at first seemed like it was early. Now it's coming at the right time.''

San Francisco linebacker Derek Smith, ''They could have used Stephen more. When you have a guy who runs the ball that well, you need to get it in his hands a few more times. I don't want to compare Stephen to [their other offensive talent], but he's a real threat when the ball is in his hands.''

Redskins quarterback Shane Matthews, ''We couldn't get into a rhythm. Last week we didn't get it done at all. [Sunday] we had our chances.''

Redskins returner Jacquez Green, ''There's no halo rule but he can't impede my progress. I was trying to keep the ball from hitting the ground. There were a lot of guys around the ball. I kept my eye on the football and I suddenly saw a jersey in front of me.''

Redskins corner Champ Bailey, ''I know [the pass] dropped to the ground, but you have to act like you've caught it. I've done that before and gotten away with it. It was almost poetic justice when I finally did get an interception. That one was there for me and I wasn't about to let that one hit the ground.''

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