Game Balls and Goats

Every week after the game the WarpathInsiders will ask you who you thought deserved the game ball, and who deserved the goat. We will run the post until mid-day the day after the game, and then lock it down. We will take your answers and they will be published right here! I actually gave Shane Matthews and Champ Bailey the game ball. I thought Matthews showed his toughness and Bailey never gave up, and had a nice INT. My goat?...Keep reading there were plenty of those to go around.

Once again, the main goat is Marvin Lewis. Also DW; he ain't got it.

I agree with your game balls.

Jessie Armstead played well AGAIN. Darrell Gardener deserves consideration as well, as he played well and the whole line got pressure on the QB with him in the lineup

To give a gameball to any member of a dline that gave up 250 yds rushing is a joke.

Let me make my point rrrreeeeeaaaaallllyyy sloooowwwwwllyyy again. We have not pressured the QB at all in our 1st 2 games, particularly last week. Today, there was a noticeable and BIG difference!!! The reason for that was Darrell Gardener. He was a real difference maker. Game ball?? Probably not, for the reason you state. But give credit where it is due.

Some will disagree due to the fumble but Davis was averaging over 5 yards a carry I thought they said......
Tuthill. No screw ups and the one kickoff was a kneel down in the endjone. When was the last time that happened on a skins kickoff?
Armistead. Best play of ALL the linebackers.
Also noticed Ohalete is rotating regularly with Shade and Terrell. Getting just as much playing time. That experience could be good for him and the team.

1) well the dl but the DE's in particular. On long yardage situations, they totally ignored the run, giving up huge draws as they looped outside or ran by the RB with the ball to get to the QB. Bruce wasn't the only one with tunnel vision. Wynn did it also.

2) QB play. Woeful. enough said. Mathews, well he's beginning to remind me of a Brad Johnson clone. Good completion percentage but.... dump off to Davis. Dump off to Rock. Dump off to the RB here, there, everywhere. Now maybe that says something about the WR's..... Also he had Green open on a beauifully designed play where Green would of got inside the 20, maybe to the 15 before being forced out of bounds. Except mathews, under no real pressure, throw it ten yards to tall. think they ended up punting.

Gameball: Stephen Davis, but it's not a regulation size ball-- it's one of those little nerf footballs. He did drop a pass that hit him RIGHT in the hands and did not whack Spurrier over the head with a towel in the third quarter and say "Hey, I'm still here!" Smoot had a lot better game this week. Loved seeing Gardener fighting in there on the line.

Goat: Oh, pretty much everyone. Maybe me for trying to look on the bright side of this team.

Game Balls...I was thinking maybe Flemister, had some nice grabs and a TD.

Goat...this is the easy one....Coach Lewis, the defensive line, or our LBs...Can't allow 250+ yrds rushing. Though there were a few signs of life, which could spell positive things in the future. "If you prick me, do I not bleed...Burgundy and Gold ?"

Game balls: Armstead - 17 tackles!
Flemister. Champ
Goat: Everyone responsible for stopping the run. (excluding Armstead)

Rat Boy
GOAT: LaVar Arrington. Why? Because he missed the tackle on Terrell Owen's touchdown in the backfield, then quit on the chase as well. And this was a crucial time in the game when we were only down by one score. SHAME on YOU LaVar you QUITTER.

Game ball: Armstead for 16 tackles, and Matthews because he was playing well until that head shot.

Gameball: Smoot, Bailey, Armstead, Gardener and Zeron

Goats: the entire oline, WOEFUL!!!, Shane "dumpoff" Matthews, all our WRs who can't get open with people double and triple covering Gardner.

Gameball: Jesse Armstead--not only did he make 17 tackles and never quit, he showed great class in the post-game interview and refused to criticize his teammates or the defensive scheme that most of them evidently don't buy (Marvin, were you listening?).

Goat: Me, for writing the essay, "Why We Will Play Better This Sunday".

gameball to bailey for changing the game for a moment with that int.

GOATS: coaches for not getting this team ready to play. penalties galore. lack of emotion or intensity from the players.

Bailey and Smoot for forcing the Niners to run.
Lewis for a good defensive scheme that kept the Niners from making the big plays that the Eagles routinely made on us last week.

SOS for a poor offensive game plan. He will be fired just like NORV, Robiske and Schotty if this continues every week. The lack of offense ended up tiring out the skins defense which really only gave up 13 points.

The offensive line for once again, allowing for Shane to be ko'ed. Loverne should be cut. Samuels should have taken the game off to recover.

Gameballs: Armstead for keeping my faith in the LBs alive, Davis for playing his heart out and charging hard on the few plays he touched the ball, Flemister for representing the TE's, and the DBs...check Garcia's stats...I don't care how sick he was, they shut him down. Also, an honorable mention goes to Shane Matthews, who actually moved the ball until the O-Line's failure to protect got him killed a few times and he got shaky.

Goats: Trotter for NOT showing up, DEs for not staying at home on the 20 off-tackle plays the Niners ran to success, and Danny Wuerffel for his lack of arm. Horns of the goat go to the O-Line, who really stopped us from winning this game.

a Gameballs: Champ, Z-man, Davis, Armstead

Goats: Cerrato, SOS, Lewis; why for not getting an O-line or QB when they could have and Lewis for not bringing the A game or making changes during the game to stop the run.

Also, all the guys that thought we would be the top defense........

HMMMM........Marty's Defense looks pretty good right now.........remember it took us 4-5 games last year to "BUY IN".......bullcrap........players better or we are done....why do they pay these guys? so guys like Bruce can complain???

We stink period....right now......

My gosh, people are finally realizing that Armstead is the only linebacker that doesn't seem totally lost in this defense. Again he gets my game ball.
The goat for me is Spurrier. The defense only gave up 13 real points and held to 20 total. Spurrier should of ran Davis more when the came was within reach and he should never have put DW in the game. So Spurrier is my goat.

BunkerHillSkinsfan Game Balls to: D. Green, Armstead, Bailey.

Goats: O-line did absolutely nothing good.

The Whole Defense on the T. Owens run. In 25 years of watching the Redskins, I have'nt seen a more infuriating play. I usually keep my cool during games (to a degree), but that's the first time I've EVER stopped watching a game and left the room. That was purely one of the most pathetic defensive moments in Redskin History, IMO

Game ball: Bailey, Smoot, D Green, for solid coverage, Armstead for his tackling. Bauman for that special teams hit, and Tuthill for getting his kickoffs deep.

Goats: Lavar, the D-line and O-line.

Game balls: Armstead. My man Tuthill...that 33 yarder was a thing of beauty!!!

Goats: Arrington. Wynn. Trotter. Wuerffel.

Gameball- Definitely Armstead with 17 tackles. Also I think Tuthill may be a diamond in the rough. Champ Bailey also had a solid game because they kept Owens, at least reception wise in check.

Goats- Geez where do I start? Spurrier for his stubborness about QB's instead of trying to get Bledsoe. Marvin Lewis also worthy because he doesn't make adjustments. Also Chris Samuels and Lavar Arrington continue to struggle

NCrdskin Fan
GAMEBALL : corners.. Bailey..Smoot & Green ..shut down Owens ; Shane.. took a beating & it showed in the long run ..

GOATS : that O line & D line ; the O line for that HORRID pass protection & very LITTLE running room for Davis ; D line.. very LITTLE pass rush & the run D ? don't make me laugh ..

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